Graduate Games are soon going to release their unique dog solitaire game Best in Show Solitaire, you can preorder the game at lower price and play the beta now !

Best In Show Solitaire Game Now on Pre-order – Includes Beta Access
Graduate Games’ casual indie card game, Best in Show Solitaire, is now available for Pre-Order. Pre-Purchasing the game gives you instant access to the closed Beta of the game and will save you 25-50% over the final release price.

Best In Show Solitaire is now available for pre-order. Best in Show Solitaire is an addictive casual card game currently in-development for PC, Mac and GNU/Linux by independent game studio Graduate Games. Best in Show Solitaire features over 40 different breeds, unique abilities for each dog, RPG elements, a pet store, achievements, and a light-hearted story about becoming the top dog trainer in the region by winning Best in Show at the National Eastminster Dog Show.

You can pre-order the game from Graduate Games’ website and get instant access to the Beta. But that’s not all you get for preordering. Graduate Games is including the full version of Best in Show for Mac, GNU/Linux, and PC DRM Free to all early purchasers and is also throwing in its Level Editor Tool, and a Strategy Guide as a bonus. You can learn more about Pre-Ordering by visiting

For more information, screenshots, and videos of Best in Show Solitaire, please visit the game’s website:

Best in Show Dog Solitaire is the new casual game from indie game studio ‘Graduate Games’. It’s a casual solitaire card game that is easy to pick up and play. This incredibly addicting card game features over 40 different breeds of dogs who all have different abilities and stats that affect each hand. The game is currently under development and will be available soon for PC, Mac and GNU/Linux operating systems.
Have a barking good time in the addicting Card game, Best in Show Solitaire! Adopt and Train 40 different breeds as you strive to win the National Title of “Best in Show.”
Earn enough cash to purchase supplies from the Pet Store. Train your dogs and play hands with them to unlock their unique abilities. Chain together combos to fill up your energy meter and save the faeries!
With tons of hands to play through, 40 breeds to collect and train, 3 different times of day, and a National Championship on the line, Best in Show Solitaire will keep you chasing your tail for months.

You can learn more about the game from our blog

* 40 Different Breeds of Dogs
* 2 Unique Abilities for Each Pup
* RPG Elements and Statistics
* Easy and Addictive Card Gameplay
* Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Want to Play the Game Now?
The big news is that Best in Show Solitaire is available to play now! You can save 25% off the final game by preordering the game today! You will get early access to the game at a discounted price and can play our Beta Builds immediately after purchase.


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