Marball Odyssey Needs GNU/Linux Testers !

Posted: 24th August 2011 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Ozzy from “Sunday Coders” told LGN that they are porting their game Marball Odyssey to GNU/Linux and need testers to make sure it would work on as many distros as possible.

So if you have time you can contact ozzy via desura as ozzyyzzo or at .

About Marball Odyssey
MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists. The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds, avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms. Along the route, you can pick up various bonuses to improve your score. rules: collecting all rings will create additional extra coins. collecting all extra coins will give an extra life on exit. collecting all big coins will activate a special blue portal and one extra life on start. Activating a purple checkpoint is giving more time. Fences can be broken using the big ball or the small ball with high velocity. bridges can be broken using the big ball. Yellow buttons can be used only with the big ball. You can climb onto walls using doors and bumpers. Finishing a level is unlocking the next one.


Sunday Coders
Marball Odyssey at Desura