Expeditions: Conquistador¬† which I wrote about earlier is tactical RPG¬† with turn based combat which is similar to the good old classic Fallout games in it’s combat.
Recently they released 3 Let’s Play Expeditions: Conquistador videos which explains the combat in more depth.
So if you were unsure about pledging to this project, I hope those videos will help you decide.
Also note that like in the classic Fallouts – you don’t always have to pick the fighting option and there are also more diplomatic resolutions to game situations.

Let’s Play Expeditions: Conquistador Part 1


Let’s Play Expeditions: Conquistador Part 2


Let’s Play Expeditions: Conquistador Part 3


  1. Ben Ranch says:

    Ubuntu 13.04? I think they mean 12.04, as 13.04 is a short term OS. Some might say even beta software. Also the Steam page lists DirectX as a requirement for Linux. So I can’t be bothered with this game until they clear the confusion.

    It would also be devastating to the Steam box which runs on 12.04. The Video card requirements make no sense either. As a 240GT is faster than a 4870 and they list the 280. I myself having a 6670, which is faster than a 4870 and on par with a 240GT.

  2. Maxim Bardin says:

    This game runs fine on Mint14 with Nvidia GTX 275, so I’m sure it runs great on Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 as well.
    No DirectX needed for GNU/Linux off course.