If you are a fan of Total Annihilation (and Spring), you would be as excited as I am to know (if you didn’t read it already on other GNU/Linux Gaming websites) that many of the same developers will be doing a spiritual sequel on a much bigger scale, now you will be able to build bases on different planets and asteroids, and use the asteroids as  a Doom’s day weapon (you got to see the concept video below).
As with Total Annihilation – mods will be supported !

Almost $500,000 of the $900,000 required have been pledged so far, and there are stretch goals to reach (like a full campaign)

This game is called Planetary Annihilation, and the GNU/Linux port is confirmed – so what are you waiting for ? this could be the best RTS game yet !

Planetary Annihilation brings Real-Time Strategy to a new generation of gamers in a way they’ve never been seen before: Total Annihilation-inspired gameplay on a planetary scale.

We all know that the RTS genre has taken a hit. There just aren’t that many quality original RTS games coming out. If you love to play games like Total Annihilation your options are pretty limited. This is where Planetary Annihilation comes in. It is meant to be a truly innovative spin on what RTS games can and should be.

A Solar System Is Your Playground

Expand your empire to harness the resources of entire solar systems to create vast armies with which to annihilate enemy planets, destroy rival systems and win the Galactic War!

Pick Your Battles

Play a quick skirmish with a friend on a single planet map with a low unit cap or a 12+ hour game with 40 of your closest frenemies and thousands of units. You can also hone your skills against Planetary Annihilation’s AI or team up with a friend against multiple AI’s.

Advanced Command and Control

Planetary Annihilation’s order queuing interface allows you to control massive armies spread across multiple worlds with ease. Get strategic views of the action anywhere, anytime by zooming in and out of the war zone, and use split interfaces and multiple windows to keep an eye on multiple battlegrounds at once.

Procedural Planet Creator

Create custom or randomized maps with our procedural planet creator. Like what you see? Save them and share them with the Planetary Annihilation community.

Streaming Resource Economy

Use resources to build mega projects. Assign swarms of construction units in realtime to manage your economy. Reclaim wreckage and terrain to quickly regroup after a battle.

War Machine

Planetary Annihilation’s rendering engine is brought to you by the team that developed the rendering engines for Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. Our engine will allow you to explore vast, new procedural worlds with diverse terrain and build on everything from small, airless rocks to huge earth-type planets. No two maps are exactly alike.

Client-Server Networking Architecture

Other than Total Annihilation, which was asynchronous, most Real-Time Strategy games use a synchronous networking model, which means that all the computers in a given game are held back by the slowest machine. The Planetary Annihilation engine uses a client-server model so that the “heavy lifting” can be done on a game server, freeing up gamers’ machines to engage in bigger battles with more players!

Advanced Modding features

Create new units, gametypes, maps and planet archetypes.  Run your own servers with your own sets of units and game modes.

Uber Entertainment is an independent game studio founded in 2008 by a team of industry veterans who wanted to create high quality games in a small team environment. In 2010 we released our first title, the critically-acclaimed Monday Night Combat. In 2011 we brought MNC to Steam and in 2012 we released Super Monday Night Combat, which we continue to update weekly.

(We all really really want to make this game for you.)
(We all really really want to make this game for you.)
(We each have a lot of experience in building and delivering.)
(We each have a lot of experience in building and delivering.)

Folks at Uber Entertainment have worked on games like Total Annihilation, Command & Conquer, Supreme Commander and Demigod. We are hugely passionate about Real-Time Strategy and can’t wait to show you our vision for the future of the genre.

(Steve and Jon are our leads. Design and dev are BFFs at Uber.)
(Steve and Jon are our leads. Design and dev are BFFs at Uber.)

Jon Mavor has worked in the game industry since 1993. As a longtime game engine technologist, Jon wrote the graphics engine for Total Annihilation and was the lead programmer on Supreme Commander. He has been the CTO of Uber Entertainment since its inception and is the creative lead for Planetary Annihilation.

Steve Thompson got his start in 1997 at Cavedog Entertainment, where he worked on Total Annihilation. In 1999 he joined Gas Powered Games where he worked as an animator, director of cinematics, and art director for the Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander franchises.  Steve joined Uber in 2008 and is the art director on Planetary Annihilation.

For more information on the dev team, please visit www.uberent.com.

Let’s face it, game publishers today want sequels in very restrictive genres. In many cases game publisher overhead makes small projects not interesting to them.

That’s where you, the RTS fan, comes in.

(We can only get it off the ground together.)
(We can only get it off the ground together.)

It’s very unusual to put something like this in front of gamers this early in the process.  We are in a new era where you get to decide what we spend our time on.  Planetary Annihilation is meant to be a truly innovative spin on what RTS games can and should be. You as the customer get the ultimate vote in whether we make this game. Your dollars are your votes and the better we do the more resources we’ll have to bring you a great game.


Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us so far. The response has been fantastic and while there’s a bit to go, it’s really awesome to know we have so many votes of confidence and a ton of encouragement already behind us.