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Some time ago I’ve been contacted by Gabe Kerr, he wanted to tell us about how an indie game developers named “Sick Kreations” who created the game “End of Days:Infected Vs Mercs“, listen to the community and patch/fix/improve their game upon request. However the game currently has only an Xbox client (which doesn’t sound promising), […]

The Humble Bundle For Android 2

Posted: 19th March 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

We’re back to bring you five incredible games never-before-seen on Android devices! Introducing another cross-platform showcase: The Humble Bundle for Android #2! (And Windows, Mac, and Linux!) Five games—never-before-seen on Android—for your phones and tablets. We’re bringing the hottest mobile entertainment to your Android devices. Pay-what-you-want to get Zen Bound 2, Canabalt, Cogs, and Avadon: […]

As with many other games recently, Anthony Bertolo also asking to fund his game “Heroes Of Forevia” on Kickstarter. He asks $10,000 BUT if $20,000 will be raised then he will create a GNU/Linux client. Here what they have to say about the GNU/Linux version : Will there be a Linux port? Well, if we […]

As some of you might know Wasteland 2 is currently being funded on Kickstarter with the initial goal of $900,000. To this moment $1,157,646 already been raised and it’s still 31 days to go. Max Zettlmeißl and other GNU/Linux users have requested on Wastlands2 forums a native support for our beloved OS bringing valid arguments […]

LGN Not Dead – Yet !

Posted: 15th March 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

Hello ! It’s been months since I’ve last posted on LGN, and it wasn’t because I didn’t have any news to post about. I’ve been fired from my job as a Linux/Windows Sysadmin because frankly – there was almost no work for me there. Since that time I’ve been searching for a suitable job, with […]