Some time ago I’ve been contacted by Gabe Kerr, he wanted to tell us about how an indie game developers named “Sick Kreations” who created the game “End of Days:Infected Vs Mercs“, listen to the community and patch/fix/improve their game upon request.
However the game currently has only an Xbox client (which doesn’t sound promising), but Gabe Kerr contacted the developers and they said that a GNU/Linux client is “In the works”.
Now that this matter is settled, I can publish his story 😉

“Hi, I’m contacting you with regards to this amazing story I have recently watched develop in the past 3 weeks.
There has been an over-whelming amount of acknowledgement and gratitude given to us the fans from a developer in recent history.
Just recently an Indie game known as “End Of Days” Created by: Sick Kreations has swept the Xbox marketplace by storm.
It has grabbed the attention of many Youtube commentators and game developers nationwide. “ONLYUSEmeBLADE” A Youtube commentator himself single handedly made this game go from “Just another FPS” to possible “Call Of Duty Killer” and a little under a week.

This video has reached over 1.4 MILLION views in 6 days !!!

The creators of the game (Sick Kreations) watched his video and took his opinions into consideration.
Not only did they improve the game itself they made it even more fitting for him! With the understanding of his frustrations of using the knife, they accommodated him and fortified the knife to better suit his and our needs.
One person made a video and they respond by fixing/patching it in under a week!
I have never seen a game developer respond so fast and listen to the people with such willingness.
Sick Kreations is now a game developer I will forever trust and stand by for the rest of their service in the gaming community.
They truly do listen to the fans and take every complaint and complement into consideration.
This is what builds trust in your fans and consumers and this is what EVERY gaming company should strive to do.
Here you will find the thread they made to personally address ONLYUSEmeBLADE and the fans issues.”

In our Indie Gaming world, lots of developers listen to the community – but for a Windows user who usually plays “blockbuster” games from big developers with huge budgets, listening to the community is unheard of.
So here I say thanks to all the indie developers who listen to the community and choose to support GNU/Linux.

  1. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    Indeed, thank you to all of our passionate developers out there. And thank you for bringing this to my attention Maxim.