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Alexander Zubov from Kot-In-Action the developers of the Steel-Storm games loves the GNU/Linux users and want as many of them (us) to buy his game. But he is very disappointed from the sales, only 3% of the consumers are GNU/Linux users. (BTW So he tries to give us Steel Storm: Burning Retribution almost for free. […]

The indie game developers Jugilus who developed Little Space Duo are working on a new game called Legions of Ashworld. From the blog : I think it is time to say something about my next game. I have been working on and off on it for almost a year and although it is not yet […]

Spiky Caterpillar with the collaboration of Hanako Games the developers of Date Warp and other visual novels for GNU/Linux are proud to release their next game Magical Diary: Horse Hall out of beta this month. Spiky Caterpillar writes : “Magical Diary: Horse Hall is expected out of beta sometime in June. (It’s been on sale […]

Noble Master the developers of the medieval Risk-like turn-based strategy game Age Of Conquest are working on a new unnamed Real Time Strategy game. From the blog : “I have been working on a new strategy game. It’s a real-time strategy game which is planned for release on Android. Ports for desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) […]

Undead Lily and the Elemental Avengers from Winter Wolves is not a usual visual novel . Instead it aims to be a 2D tag-team-fighting game something similar to the online game “Kongai“. There will be a story with different romance outcomes and will also have action-RPG and light strategy gameplay elements. There will be 12 […]

Alexander Zubov from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel the developers of Steel Storm: Burning Retribution announced a GNU/Linux weekend special ! This week you can buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution for GNU/Linux for the special price of $7.99 ! About Steel Storm Steel Storm is a top down arcade shooter with old school spirit. The game has […]

Color it by Numbers Game Series Released !

Posted: 4th June 2011 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

Color It By Numbers is a fascinating series of coloring books that will leave no child indifferent. They are special in that numbers identify colors to be used in filling picture areas. This is an exciting process that helps develop the imagination. While painting the pictures, your child will quickly learn new numbers and colors […]