Alexander Zubov from Kot-In-Action the developers of the Steel-Storm games loves the GNU/Linux users and want as many of them (us) to buy his game.
But he is very disappointed from the sales, only 3% of the consumers are GNU/Linux users. (BTW
So he tries to give us Steel Storm: Burning Retribution almost for free.
Last sale the game was $8, now it costs only $3 (till July 5th).

Alexander also said that it’s possible to buy the GNU/Linux version from Steam (it comes with the Windows one) and without DRM.

So support the developer who is so eager to almost give the game for free to the GNU/Linux users.
And if you think that $3 is too low, you can always wait till July 6th and buy the game at the full price of $10.

Alexander Zubov Said :
We are doing Summer Special for Linux users. The game is now $2.99 from June 23rd (today) till July 5th. It’s available either through our e-Shoppe at or on Ubuntu Software Center.


Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Trailer

SandStorm Editor – Timelapse Mission Building

Buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution From e-Shoppe
Buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution from Steam (Full Price)

  1. Rörich says:

    >It’s available either through our e-Shoppe

    don’t buy it there, download is limited to 5 Downloads

  2. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    So where are you supposed to buy it then if you are not a Ubuntu user? I agree that the download limit sounds stupid, but some of us do not have the other option. I really am beginning to look forward to Desura.

  3. Rustybolts says:

    Real shame that Linux users are not buying this little gem. I bought it when it was still in development and I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase. If you like SHMUPS you can do a lot worse than this.

  4. Glaasje says:

    I bought this littel gem through for only 1 dollar. 😛

  5. johanar says:

    Soo, how do you know which Steam sales are from Linux customers? Or maybe the low 3% is because they’re all unfairly counted as Windows sales…

  6. Maxim Bardin says:

    I never used Steam myself, but I guess he can know it from the number of the GNU/Linux downloads made compare to the Windows ones.

  7. motorsep says:

    We counted Windows sales vs Linux sales _before_ we put Linux client on Steam. Also, download limit is normal thing. Once you downloaded the game, it’s yours.. Why do you need unlimited downloads? On Steam, you don’t own the game so to speak, you rent it basically.

  8. Ben says:

    I bought this the second I heard about it on Twitter and in the Ubuntu store. Would have easily paid 3X the price. It’s an awesome shooter. 🙂