By Maxim Bardin

There are thousands of interviews across the web…
In this section I will post only interviews I have personally done.

The Broken Hourglass (09/01/2009) (Game canceled)

Interview With Michael From Viewizard. (30/07/2009)

Interview With Koen From Koonsolo. (04/09/2009)

Interview With Amir From Fanafzar – Garshasp Developers (07/09/2009) (NOT Coming To GNU/Linux Anymore)

Interview With John From Wolfire Games. (13/09/2009)

Interview With Thomas From Basilisk Games. (22/09/2009)

Interview With Konrad Kiss from Bitgap – The Xenocell Developers. (06/10/2009)

Interview With Thearrel McKinney From Mangled Eye Studios – The Dark Salvation Developer. (24/11/2009) (Not Coming To GNU/Linux Anymore)

Interview With Frictional Games – Amnesia. (25/11/2009)

Interview With Kip Warner About Avaneya. (26/04/2010)

Interview With Norbert Varga From Digital Arrow – The “Dilogus – The Winds of War” Developers. (26/12/2010)

Interview with Clive Crous – The CEO Of Linux Game Publishing ! (3/09/2012) (Seems like LGP is out of business)


This section is dedicated to the GNU/Linux game porters interviews from other websites

Porting games to Linux with Ryan Gordon and Michael Simms (10/03/2009)

Interview with Frank Earl (07/03/2009)

Interview with Michael Simms from LGP and Tuxgames (10/08/2009)

LinuxGames Interview Ryan Gordon (13/03/2007)

Podcast interview with Ryan Gordon. (16/06/2006)

Interview with Ryan C. Gordon (13/06/2005)

Linux Game Publishing: An Interview With Michael Simms by linuxgazette