By Maxim Bardin

This blog is dedicated to GNU/Linux Gaming News.
It’s about free source and commercial games.

There are lots of Linux gaming websites out there – so why create another one ?
This one is different from the others.

In most other websites you hear the same known games all the time over and over again once a new version comes up – most GNU/Linux users already familiar with those games.
I want to try and talk about games that are not so well known and games that are in development or even games that *might* have a GNU/Linux client.

I want to make interviews with the developers of some of those games and give you some tips on how to search for games that have some chance for a Linux client and convince the developers that it will be a smart move to create one.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

If you have any comments, suggestions or you are a pretty girl who wants to contact me, please email to :
mb2love [at] gmail (dot) com

Best wishes

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