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Jack Houston And The Necronauts kickstarter campaign was a success, however after the campaign was over the $10k backer backed down from his pledge leaving the campaign short by 2k from it’s goal. Luckily they still managed to get most of the money (~54k) from Kickstarter/Amazon – but they still need to reach their goal. […]

Tales of Illyria is an unique episodic party-based role playing experience that simulates the experience of playing a pen and paper role playing game. The RPG aspect of the game is played somewhat like the good old classic Darklands, and the combat is like Disciples 2  but in platform view. But unlike Disciples 2, you […]

Clockwork Empires: The Press Release

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Clockwork Empires: The Press Release aka: “Project Odin” August 27th, 2012 – Gaslamp Games, Inc., independent game developers and makers of the critically acclaimed Dungeons of Dredmor, are pleased to announce their new title, Clockwork Empires, for the Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. The Clockwork Empire is expanding! Brave people, seeking glory and wealth, are […]

Scope Creep Hack-venture is a very unique game in which you learn real life useful GNU/Linux and Windows hacking skills while playing the game ! The first module will be released for free, while there are still options to get exclusive and non-free content if you pledge : A modded version of the game with […]

Starry Expanse is an attempted to create a realtime 3D port of Riven: The Sequel to Myst. The developers (who are also looking for volunteers to help them developing the project) use the Unity game engine and say that GNU/ Linux port is definitely on the table.   About The Starry Expanse Project is a collaborative […]

ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery) is a a roguelike video game by Thomas Biskup with an ASCII graphics. Development of ADOM started on July 12, 1994 and continued steadily since until November 20, 2002 but due to personal life issues and unavailability of the source code the development was put to stop…till now… Recently the […]

Blood Enhancements Port

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I am a huge fan of the first Blood game, and luckily I’m not alone and there is a whole Blood community that wants to see this game remade and continued. Recently Jace Hall who was the founder of Monolith Productions Inc, the company who developed Blood – posted on The Postmortem forums his wishes […]

If you are a fan of Total Annihilation (and Spring), you would be as excited as I am to know (if you didn’t read it already on other GNU/Linux Gaming websites) that many of the same developers will be doing a spiritual sequel on a much bigger scale, now you will be able to build […]

Expeditions: Conquistador  which I wrote about earlier is tactical RPG  with turn based combat which is similar to the good old classic Fallout games in it’s combat. Recently they released 3 Let’s Play Expeditions: Conquistador videos which explains the combat in more depth. So if you were unsure about pledging to this project, I hope […]

The Humble Indie Bundle For Android And GNU/Linux 3 is out now ! Games of this bundle including : Fieldrunners Subatomic Studios Take your towers on the offensive against an endless sprawl of baddies in this tower defense classic. Your goal is to keep your opponents from crossing the battlefield and taking you down. Populate […]