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Tycoon games which specializes in manga style novels, and made many games for GNU/Linux have now released their latest game Card Sweethearts ! About Card Sweethearts is a dating sim game with a twist. Billy is an IT worker who suddenly finds himself out of a job. The only person willing to hire him is […]

Eschalon: Book II Released For GNU/Linux !

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Basilisk Games Announces the Availability of Eschalon: Book II for Macintosh and Linux Indianapolis, IN – May 26, 2010 – Basilisk Games, Inc. today announced that Eschalon: Book II for Macintosh and Linux based computers is now available. “Macintosh and Linux users can finally return to the land of Eschalon once again” said Thomas Riegsecker, […]

Caster – Pay What You Want !

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With the recent success of The Humble Indie Bundle that managed to rise over 1 million dollars in donations, elecorn the developers of the Caster game also jumps on the trend. If $5 were too high for you, or you think that Caster worth a lot more now is your chance to buy it at […]

Date Warp – Anime Visual Novel Released !

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Hanako Games that specializes in making anime visual novels that very often have a native GNU/Linux clients, has released their latest game Date Warp ! “Five days ago, Janet left her dorm to go on a date. She never returned. Was she kidnapped? Murdered? Did she run away? Will she ever be seen again? The […]

Sleep Is Death – Pay What You Want !

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Sleep Is Death by Jason Rohrer is an unique 2 player game in which the second player takes the rule of the AI, making the game intelligence extremely real ! When you buy the game you get a 2 player license and the source code ! Note that while the source code is compiled on […]

The Chzo Mythos Is Coming To GNU/Linux !

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Two weeks ago I’ve officially started the first LGN contest, that with the disappointing results will also probably be the last LGN contest. I have received a few news reports via IRC chats from friends, but those people didn’t ask to participate in the contest and didn’t ask for a prize. Only one official email […]

Frictional Games are the second company to release the source code of their game and engine because of the Humble Indie Bundle success. The game and engine were released under few different licenses depending on the tools, game parts : GPLv3, Creative Commons 3 and zlib Helsingborg – Sweden – 14th of May 2010 Frictional […]

Heroes Of Newerth Gone Retail !

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Today the DOTA mod remake Heroes Of Newerth from S2games has gone retail ! S2Games made GNU/Linux clients for their Savage series and HoN is no exception ! It runs pretty good on GNU/Linux and offer a native 64-bit client. Although the Savage series is free to play (with an option to buy premium stuff) […]

Wolfire Games have announced the freeing of Lugaru’s source code under the GPLv2. They have also announced that other “Humble Indie Bundle” games : Aquaria, Gish, and Penumbra Overture will also free their sources soon ! Those are a great news indeed as we recently seen that that MMORPG Ryzom had also freed his sources […]

Warp Speed – 2D Multiplayer Shooter

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Two indie companies Por Design and Double Dude decided to combine forces to work on a new game named Warp Speed which as I’ve confirmed will have a native GNU/Linux client ! Warp speed is a 2D multiplayer shooter game that we are creating especially with multiplayer competition in mind. It’s fast paced, extremely fun […]