Spiky Caterpillar with the collaboration of Hanako Games the developers of Date Warp and other visual novels for GNU/Linux are proud to release their next game Magical Diary: Horse Hall out of beta this month.

Spiky Caterpillar writes :
Magical Diary: Horse Hall is expected out of beta sometime in June. (It’s been on sale to testers for some time now, though, so it may not entirely count as upcoming.)
It’s a GxBG magical school dating sim with RPG elements, generally fluffier than Date Warp was.”

After that, we’re not sure what the next project will be – more Magical Diary games are planned, but Hanako and I want to work on something else for a bit first, and I’ve got a more traditional RPG planned in conjunction with Tycoon – no details until I get further along, though.

About Magical Diary: Horse Hall
Attend a magical school! Design your own character, learn spells, explore dungeons, make friends, and try to get a date for the May Day Ball.
Each game in the series is set within a different Hall of Iris Academy, and features roommates, friends, and enemies that are unique to that story, while characters from other stories move around in the background.


Magical Diary: Horse Hall
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