As with many other games recently, Anthony Bertolo also asking to fund his game “Heroes Of Forevia” on Kickstarter.
He asks $10,000 BUT if $20,000 will be raised then he will create a GNU/Linux client.

Here what they have to say about the GNU/Linux version :
Will there be a Linux port? Well, if we can reach $20,000, there absolutely will be. We’ve been developing the game on Windows and Mac, but we all have Linux installed on a personal device of some flavor (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.). We think a Linux port would be awesome, but it would also be a little more costly, because let’s face it, the game development tools on linux are lacking. That doesn’t mean we can’t do it, just that it will be more costly in terms of time and resources.

That means, if you guys can help us reach double our target goal, we will support:
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS Tablets and Android Tablets.
When we first thought up Heroes of Forevia, one of our primary goals was to make a game that would look good, yet something that could be ran on a wide range of hardward. A delicate mix of beauty and performance, not unlike Pat.

Heroes Of Forevia
Heroes of Forevia is inspired by the fun, arcade action rpg Gauntlet Legends. The entire idea of HoF is to be a game you can just jump in to and start having fun right away. Not only will Heroes of Forevia provide a fun campaign, it will also have a fun and engaging online multiplayer mode where players share the same view reminiscent of the console and arcade game playing days.

The Story
A group of heroes battle through the many lands of Forevia on a search to destroy the king of evil, Paticus. Throughout their journey our heroes are faced with countless minions and multiple realms testing the very hero inside them.
Our heroes will be armed not only with swords, axes, bows and staffs. They will also be armed with unique special abilities and magic spells they can improve over the course of the game.
If at any point you realize the job is too great for one hero to handle, you can jump online and use the skill-based matchmaking system to match you with heroes just as good as you are.
With many puzzles to solve and enemies to fight, only one question remains: Who’s your hero?

We really want to dedicate a lot of time in making sure we can replicate the experience of playing a multiplayer game on the same T.V. To do this, we’ve developed a shared screen. When you play Heroes of Forevia online, all players have the same view, and are constrained to the area the camera shows until all players are ready to move forward. This is something many arcade and console games have, but something we feel was needed for a fast-paced action RPG.
Both in Campaign and Multiplayer, you will be able to level your hero up, learning a few new skills along the way. Although we’ve only played our early alpha version of the multiplayer mode, it’s well on it’s way to being just as good as we planned it to be.
The last major component to our multiplayer system is matchmaking. Although our target platform is Mac and PC, we wanted to have a solid matchmaking experience, where our matchmaking server will match you with players very similar to your own skill level. Although we have many ideas for the matchmaking system, this is one of the components we stand to gain a lot of great ideas from those pledgers who will be taking part in the game development forum.

Thanks to c704710 for letting LGN know about this project

“Heroes Of Forevia” on Kickstarter
The GNU/Linux version of “Heroes Of Forevia”

  1. maxztt says:

    Now lets be realistic. That’s just not going to happen. They got about 700 dollar right now.
    It’ll be hard for them to even reach their 10,000 dollar goal.

    Reputation makes a huge difference on Kickstarter. Wasteland 2 is at $1,287,582 right now and the Double Fine Adventure was able to collect over $3,300,000 from its backers.
    Yet these two guys with barely any reputation to show have real problems to raise $10,000.

    My doubts that their project will reach 20,000 dollars are just so high, that I won’t pledge. No GNU/Linux version, no money from me.

  2. zerothis says:

    maxztt, if you pledge and they don’t reach $10,000 you don’t lose any money. If they do and don’t reach $20,000 then you can sell your Windows version to some poor soul who insists on using Windows. Either way you let the devs know you are a Linux gamer and willing to pay. That will have weight for them considering a Linux version later, and Linux versions of any future games they create. Telling them anything else with a big fat $0 thrown in their direction will have weight for them as well.

  3. James says:

    Out of curiosity, where can I find more information about the lack of dev tools for Linux?

  4. Maxim Bardin says:

    I think you should post this question at their kickstarter project page, or their forum.

  5. zerothis says:

    “lack of dev tools for Linux?”
    I think they mean propriety dev tools that use propriety libraries and include royalty fees. Rather than flame them or er um ask them this silly question, might someone point them to experienced indie Linux devs who can help them directly. Their’s more than just icculus, right?

  6. Alright, we’ve been trying to keep up with all these Linux posts.

    I’ve posted a comment on the reddit post linking to this article explaining a little more in depth. But let me give a better explanation of my “lack of developer tools” on Linux.

    What I was referring to was artist friendly, wysiwyg-esque type tools for indie game engines that are already ported to Linux (remember, we’re on an indie budget). There are definitely a lot of choices for indie game engines (Torque, Unity3d, Multiple Ogre3D based ones), many of which we own licenses for. The more up to date engines with the most polished tools don’t support Linux out of the box. It should be noted that we’ve already spent more than we’re asking for in Kickstarter on the game development, we’re just seeking that last bit to help us reach the finish line. The extra $10k for Linux simply represents our shortest possible route to getting the port done. A Linux port will happen regardless (just as the game will) of Kickstarter funding. Timing is the issue there. And we should definitely make this more clear on our Kickstarter page as well as our website.

    You guys can feel free to ask me any questions or hit me up with any comments: anthony [at]