Dirk Dashing 2 Is Now Available For Pre-Ordering !

Posted: 26th August 2011 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

Secret agent Dirk Dashing is back for a brand new mission!

After a wicked computer virus destroys G.O.O.D’s new computer network, agent Dirk Dashing must track down the cyber criminal responsible for the attack. His mission leads him to a massive global corporation, owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world. Help Dirk avoid security systems, evade guards, and solve all-new puzzles to stop a diabolical new plot by E.V.I.L mastermind, Dr. Ego!

Dirk Dashing 2 features:
* Improved graphics, with lighting effects and cel shading!
* A new inventory system, so you can pick up multiple weapons and gadgets, carry them with you, and use them whenever you want!
* A new health system, so Dirk can take multiple hits before he dies (no more instant death)!
* New moves, including the ability to climb ladders and hang from wires and pipes!
* An all-new soundtrack with spy music that perfectly fits the game!
* Play using keyboard, joystick, or game pad!
* Ability to save your game progress at any point!
* In-game instructions to get you started!

Dirk Dashing 2 can be pre-ordered for $19.99 USD. Pre-ordering customers will receive a download link to the “full” version beta, containing Parts 1 and 2 of the 5-part story. They’ll also receive free updates as I finish each part of the game, with new levels, new features, bug fixes, and more. And when the game is all done, I’ll give pre-ordering customers a free copy of the planned $5 strategy guide, containing level maps, concept art, hints, tricks, and more!


Official Game Page
GNU/Linux Download
Pre-Order Purchase Link

  1. sotonohito says:

    He wants $20 for that?

    I’m into supporting Linux gaming, but not into being ripped off. His game seems to have all the value and playability of Commander Keen or your average garden variety flash platformer. There is absolutely no way it’s worth $20 unless it’s got something really amazing that isn’t apparent from the video, screenshots, and description.

    I paid $15 for Bastion, I refuse to pay $5 more for a game that doesn’t look even 1/100th as good.

  2. anotherguy says:

    actually when i saw that price i thought the same. $20 is way much