The two man indie game company Lassie Games released the 2d classic adventure game “What Makes You Tick : A Stitch in Time” which is a sequel to their previous freeware game “What Makes You Tick ?” (which is not available for GNU/Linux yet).

The demo is free to download or play from the browser, however it requires Adobe Air for the installation (which has a native GNU/Linux port).
I’ve tried the game on Ubuntu 64-bit (download version) and found glitches, the game is stable – but there are problems with random screen refreshes – the web demo version didn’t have those problems, but maybe your experience will be different.

About the game
What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time is the follow-up classic adventure game to Matthias Kempkeā€™s 2007 indie hit What Makes You Tick?. Tick plays in the style of the classic adventure genre, and has been covered by BBC Entertainment News and PC Gamer Magazine since its release.

What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time will immerse players in a whole new adventure that both concludes the story of What Makes You Tick? and covers new ground within the world of Ravenhollow and the story of the Smith Institute.

Bringing to life the themes of Franz Kafka, both classic adventure gamers and literary fans will enjoy the rich world of What Makes You Tick? and its detailed story, witty characters, and wry humor.

The story
Nigel Trelawney arrives in Ravenhollow to settle the estate of his late father. However, the shadow of a nearby castle has fallen over the village since a recluse baron, unseen within the castle walls, has assembled a security force to lock down the village. Now as Nigel struggles to resolve his father’s estate amongst adversaries hidden within the castle, he begins to realize that the source of all deception and mystery currently plaguing Ravenhollow somehow leads back to his father’s former work… and its untimely end.

Bringing to life the literary themes of Franz Kafka in the style of classic Lucas Arts adventure games, “What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time” encourage players to explore this world of many secrets during the day and at night!


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