Chronic Logic Game Giveaway And More !

Posted: 3rd November 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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If you haven’t heard it from other sources then the GNU/Linux game indie developer Chronic Logic who brought games like : Gish, Zatikon, Bridge Construction Set and Triptych to GNU/Linux, is having a giveaway !

All you have to do is to create a Facebook account (if you don’t already have it) ,join the Chronic Logic page and write about your favorite game (or if you already have it like I do, just write about the next best thing 😉 ).

Be swift as the promotion ends at FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, 9 AM PST.

Dear Chronic Logic Customer,

Have you become a fan of our Chronic Logic Facebook Page yet? If not, now would be a great time to do so! Starting Wednesday, November 3rd, we will be hosting a FREE game giveaway. All you have to do is reply to a specified post on our Facebook page with your favorite Chronic Logic game and we will send it to you for free. Already have your favorite game? Tell your friends so they can join the Chronic Logic community. It will only last fourty-eight hours so become a fan on Facebook to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Thank you,
Chronic Logic LLC

I’ve also had a little “chat” with Josiah Pisciotta from Chronic Logic about the other games on their website that don’t have a GNU/Linux clients :

LGN: I’ve noticed that the Bridge Construction Set has a native GNU/Linux client, but it’s sequel “Bridge It” doesn’t support GNU/Linux nor MacOS … why have you decided to use an engine that isn’t easily ported to GNU/Linux and MacOS ?
Is there any chance for “Bridge it” “Kingdom Elemental” and “Trash” to be ported to GNU/Linux ?

Josiah Pisciotta :All those games were developed with other developers who did not use engines that support Linux so there is very little chance of those games having a Linux version. However we always try and take that into account when selecting which technology we use for development in house.

LGN :It’s a shame really…
We don’t have many high quality cRPG’s and Strategy games on Linux.
We could really use more games.
BTW, except Micro-Warrior, which other games are in development ?

Josiah Pisciotta :We are involved with a bunch of other games which are in development, Pontifex III, Golf?, working on a major update to Zatikon along with a new game, Zatikon : Inquisitions, and three other games that are early in development.

So the future seems bright for Chronic Logic and for the GNU/Linux gaming, and if you are a fan of Zatikon like me – there is a lot to expect.
And Zatikon also has a Facebook app so you can play it from anywhere !.

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