Welcome To My New Blog !

Posted: 18th August 2009 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

Hello friends.
In the past few days my older blog was visited 374 times, it went from zero to 133 and 187 on the next day – rapid growth !
I hope that you still keep visiting the new blog at least as much as you visited my old one.

It was 1 A.M when I posted the message on my old blog about moving to this one, so I was brief and left some thing undone (like the theme that wasn’t complete), in this post I will try to explain in more detail why I did this move and why it’s good for you.

After my old blog was up for 2 days and got some interest from the Linux Gaming Community my old friend Rich from Linux-Hardcore contacted me and offered to move my blog to his domain.
At first I hesitated but now I see a BIG difference and all for the better.
Now I can easily search and install hundreds of themes and plugins with a few clicks, the server is much faster (at least for me) and there is an expansion possibilities.
I can add a Wiki and we already have a forums , more things are possible as well.

I hope you understand why I made this move, and if you have something to say – please comment.