Blog Moved To A New Server !

Posted: 18th August 2009 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

Hello people !

I am happy to inform you that this blog is moved to new servers under the Linux-Hardcore domain !

Why ?
About a day ago my old friend Rich from Linux-Hardcore watched my new gaming blog – he was so exited that he offered me to host this blog at his domain.

Why it’s good for you ?
Under the new domain a wiki could (and will) be added.
Under the new domain the Linux-Hardcore Gaming forums are available
The WordPress (the software that I use for my blog) is much more customizable now, and I have much more themes, space and control over the blog.

My NEW Blog By the very same name “Linux Gaming News” is now located here :

LGN Stands for Linux Gaming News, I could off course write it all – but I suspect this will be too much 😉