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AfterWorld is a Multi Player Online Game (MMOG) which is still in Alpha stages of development – but looks excellent !
It is being developed by a Russian group named “Dedicated Logic” using the cross platform Torque Game Engine.
A Linux client is promised upon Beta.

“AfterWorld” is an MMOG with some elements of RPG, first and third person shooters. It will take you to Earth’s apocalyptic future (AD 2060++); Mostly in the Far East – to be more exact in location.

There is no race separation in AfterWorld. In the very beginning all of the players are just humans, and with a minimal skill set. Whether you choose a male or female avatar, it will not give you any advantages or weaknesses. Of course, we want you to gain some individuality and be distinguished, so go ahead and choose your haircut, height, eye color, etc. Pick a stylish look.

In AfterWorld there are a wide range of occupations to choose from. You may become a noble merchant, clever fingered craftsman, famous cartographer, or even a hacker. Additionally you may spend a day (or even a week) exploring the severe lands inhabited by wolves and bears, hunting or digging for precious stones. Freedom of choice is the key feature of this world. There are no necessary quests to increase your professional skills, as you can improve your avatar as YOU see fit. Do not hesitate, and make your choice.

Internal currency brings the real economy into the virtual universe of “AfterWorld”. Sell hunted loot and buy ammo or use it to repair your weapon. Mined some rare ore or crafted a unique item? Sell it at a higher price or trade for it for valuable items. Commerce is an integral part of the gameplay.

You are welcome to participate in “AfterWorld” absolutely free. You will not be charged for client software or account registration, and there is no monthly fee. It is up to you to decide how much to spend. If you like to travel and explore the world it will be inexpensive. From another aspect, you may invest into your own business. Yes, you may start a real business in the virtual universe of “AfterWorld”! Made a profit? You can convert this internal virtual currency into real cash.

AfterWorld is a “free market economy” persistent-world massively multiplayer online game set in a science fiction setting of post-apocalyptic Siberia. The game currently features:

• A complex and unusual skills based role-paying system that involves more than a hundred different skills with each of them developing using unique game mechanics.

• An advanced craft system with branchy production chains currently containing thousands different items.

• A real-money trade in-game economic system designed in such a way that the resources farming does not ruin the balance but is a part of the gameplay for high-level characters.

• 18 picturesque locations covering more than 100 square kilometers of Siberian vasts.

The game is currently run at the Alpha stage, Beta version release is scheduled at the end of 2009.

Welcome to “AfterWorld”!

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