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Star Shipping Inc. was already released for the iOS a few years ago, and now there is a campaign to bring this game to GNU/Linux and Android (Android version might be free).

Moreover, you can actually make money by backing a project via  appback ,

As Appbacker gives it’s backers a % of the sales when the product is finished (or in this case – as the game is already on sale for the iOS you might get a profit right away !) , by pledging $10 for Star Shipping Inc. you might get $13 profit later on !

So it’s a win-win situation !


About the game
Travel through space and get rich with Star Shipping Inc. Visit the new frontier colonies and battle space monsters and pirates in your quest to be the number one space trader the galaxy have ever known.

Take the role of the captain of of a cargo ship traveling between star systems to trade goods and commodities in strive to become the richest star ship captain in the galaxy. Your weapon is a mighty cargo ship that has to defend itself against space pirates, monsters and other less-than-friendly encounters.

Star Shipping is a turn based, strategy game, where in each turn your choices and a number of events and encounters can happen, affecting the outcome of the entire game.
When you play, choose your strategy well, and think twice before every journey, your choice between playing with a ship that’s fast, or one that is large, or strong makes the game totally different, and it’s all your choice.

Play at your own pace, as unlike many other games today, this one offers the player a mental challenges that doesn’t rely on the ability to hit stuff on the screen, and doesn’t require you to be 100% focus on the game at all times, instead you can play at your own pace, and use your economical planning skills and your intellect to trade various commodities between stars, and climb up the score ladder as you accomplish your goal of becoming the richest space captain in the galaxy.

Quotes from players:
“It’s like solitaire, in space.”

“Totally addictive”

“Takes a few game sessions to fully realize the full potential of the game, but when you do, it’s awesome!”

Star shipping features high resolution beautiful space backdrops, planets, aliens, nebulae, space ships, items, and characters.


Features Include:
– Beautiful graphic set in a space age universe.
– Clever economy system that keeps you from being too greedy.
– Mass amount of events to keep you sharp as you travel.
– Encounter space monsters, bandits, and pirates who will try to kill you.
– Choose from several types of ships to maximize your strategy.
– Visit the shop to upgrade your vessel, so you’ll be the mightiest cruiser to have ever sail the frontiers.
– Defend yourself with battle drones or newly bought weapons.
– Tons of achievement and ranks to discover for high replay value.
– Random colonies and commodities that will sometimes make you laugh.
– Easter Eggs.
– Made by two guys, but not from Andromeda.




Gameplay Video

Sample Review

Star Shipping website can be found here:


Why Should You Back This App?

Star Shipping Inc. has been released to the appstore over 2 years ago, it has over 100k downloads and while it has reached it’s long tail it holds the potential to become something bigger with the various improvements we’re planning.
This game have reached the top 10’s in many countries and can reach them again after the AppBackr campaign.
Right now the game sells a few hundred copies a month.
You can make some nice profit from supporting this game,


Additional Backr Rewards
$100 or more get listed in the game’s credits as backr.
$250 and more we will name either a planet or a commodity in the game to your name (or any name you choose)
$1000 get involved in the next development cycle of the app as we’ll discuss new features with you before we implement them. (limited to the first 5 backrs)
$5000 get your name/logo in the splash screen of the app visible to our many existing and new players to see for at least one month. (limited to the first backr)

What Will The Money Be Used For?

We want to make new updates to Star Shipping improving the game play according to the many comments we got and add a bunch of nifty new features, depends on how many units we will sell.
One example – is we want to make the game longer and add way more content .

We also want to upgrade our game engine to the the version 4.0 of the unity3d to support new features, and make the game compatible to iPad3’s.

Moreover we want to add Linux as a new platform for the game, and add a free-to-play android version. if we get enough unit sold we will be able to afford it.

About Corbomite Games,
Founded in 2006, Corbomite Games is an Israeli game development studio initially focusing on episodic adventure games. Corbomite Games released several adventure game titles such as “Pizza Morgana”, “Zbang”, and “Knights in Shining Armor” an Action-adventure game called “Heavenly Hell” , and “Star Shipping Inc.” a cross platform space based strategy game.

in 2012 Corbomite Games have spun off to start another sister company called Adventure Mob, focusing on Adventure Games (such as a demo for a Kickstarter Campaign for Leisure Suit Larry), while Corbomite continues development of it’s original IPs.

For more information, on Corbomite Games, please visit:

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