Portas Aurora: Arrival is a turn based strategy space game that will be somewhat similar the Final Fantasy in combat.
As they use the Unity4 engine, they recently announced a GNU/Linux support.

Embrace the civility of Luxvatio or let it be thrown into the jaws of war. Join us in this turn-based strategy game set in space.

What is Portas Aurora: Arrival?

Portas Aurora: Arrival is a DRM free turn-based strategy game set in space. You are a newly minted Galactic Senate Officer. Your knowledge outside of the Citadel is limited and generations of peace have not prepared you for this day. The day, the civility of Luxvatio was not embraced, but thrown into the jaws of war. As one of only a handful of witnesses to their arrival you will be challenged daily to maintain the balance between Peace and Survival. Pressures from both allies and enemies will shape the galaxy of Luxvatio. The choice, and the results is yours to bear.



Victory will not be as simple as crush the enemy with the sharp pointy end of the stick. Strategy will be your main weapon. Your decisions during fleet creation and ship design will re-enforce your strategy and your ability to keep an edge in battle. Stacking a single ship does not mean you will breeze through your enemy. However, the game is designed to be flexible and allow experimentation. Are you ready to test your might?



The gameplay as mention above will be focused on a turn-based strategy. Turn-Base Game Play Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars. The map and objects will effect the players tactics. In addition, the units actions will be displayed through a specific color scheme’s. Color will help the user identity different actions such as sensor range, attacking, and movement.


Ship Control Interface

Why Kickstarter?

With the Kickstarter funding we will be able to add:

      • 3D Ship Class Models
      • Ship team skins
      • Graphics for ship design UI
      • Combat Animation
      • More Map objects
      • More Map backgrounds


Daniel Randall – Lead Programer
James Hentze – Lead Game Designer
Nick Ogata – UI Designer
Ashley Yamaguchi – Linguist / Voice of Dea Carina
Josh Figueira – Business Guy

Special thanks to Councilor


Thank You

Thank you for having a look and I hope I can count on your support for Portas Aurora: Arrival. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to create a video game like this. Hopefully through the power of Kickstarter you find as much enjoyment out of playing Portas Aurora: Arrival as I have crafting it.

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