Relics of Annorath : Upcoming MMORPG For GNU/Linux

Posted: 30th November 2011 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Relics of Annorath is an upcoming MMORPG in Alpha-testing stage which takes place in a medieval/post-modern setting features a complex economic system.
It’s being developed by a Swiss company “Quantum Bytes” and uses the beautiful GNU/Linux friendly Unigine engine.

Even at this early stage of the development they provide a native GNU/Linux support (for the Alpha testers).
Sadly currently most of their website contains info in German with very little English (so maybe the Swiss/German readers could give us more info about the game as google translate is unable to translate https websites – so it seems).

The game is looking great at the Alpha stage but I assume that it would take some time till the open beta.
Also it seems that they are using the excellent foss program Blender for this game.

Relics of Annorath
native GNU/Linux support
Quantum Bytes

  1. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    Nice, even if I do not play these kind of games. Always nice to see another Unigine game, especially one that advertises Linux support immediately.

  2. Urfoex says:

    At the bottom right there is a little icon that could help you 😉

    For people that don’t find it:

    Hint: You don’t need to know German to read that site 😉

  3. Joey Ferwerda says:

    Good to see this project is getting somewhere.
    It is always very ambitious sounding when a project announces to be working on a MMORPG, specially when the focus is a Linux client, with no previously released games.
    I wish them all the best!

  4. QuantumBytes says:


    We are relaunching the website and add much, much more information with the next big update for the alpha testers. Too everything is being translated into english.

    Thanks for mention us!


  5. Maxim Bardin says:

    @Urfoex : I know that and tried it but still the main info is in German, when you try to view it in English it says “Sorry, the Content you are trying to browse is not online yet.”

  6. xpander says:

    Its looking really nice. My german skills not the best but i can understand most of it from the page. however i was unable to find the place where i apply for alpha testing. i really do love MMORPGs, been playing 4 years of WoW and 1 and half year of Warhammer Online + number of others which were much shorter time tho..
    Currently searching something new to play and ofc prefered is native linux client, however if game works fine under wine i can play also.

    Really looking forward to it and cant wait 😛