Clone Wolf: Protector is an interesting 2d platform game with simple “old style” graphics in which you control “Wolf” and his clones and guide them to protect villages and defeat monsters and bosses.

Meet Wolf, a bearded carpenter, who has lost his family and decided to wander the world and protect anyone in distress. He owns a magical medallion that can instantly create his double to aid him in his fight.


You get to control up to 32 player characters simultaneously!
The game combines a 2D platformer and a tower-defense genre: defend each village from incoming monster hordes, using a combined strength of your player character clones.
Visit 5 different villages, fight 10 boss types and countless monsters, enjoy a stylish chiptune music by FUXOFT.

Gameplay Video

Dev story
The game is based on my Ludum Dare #20 submission. I have decided to rework it, add more content and release it for the October Challenge 2011.
The game was built using the fabulous Flixel engine.


Thanks Grzegorz Budny For Letting Us Know About This Interesting Game

Clone Wolf: Protector
Flixel Engine
October Challenge 2011