Kot-in-Action™ Creative Artel™ unveils Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution for Linux, Windows
and Mac OS X.

Del Rio, TX – May 11th 2011 – Today Kot-in-Action™ Creative Artel™ announced that
Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X has been released and available
worldwide on Steam®, Desura™, Ubuntu Software Center™ and Kot-in-Action™ e-Shoppe for the price of $9.99

The game is recommended by the manufacturer for users 10 years of age and older.

Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution is a top down action shooter with old school spirit. It marks the return of top-down shooters with new twists. The game has score oriented competitive gameplay, and is designed for people who like fast paced action, hordes of smart enemies, destructible worlds and ground shaking explosions.
The events take place in an alternative universe where you control an advanced hovertank, packed
with the most advanced and sophisticated weapons. Your task is simple, but nevertheless not trivial. In the
fight against extraterrestrial invaders, you must prevail!

Key features:

  • + Enjoy fast paced and streamlined gameplay
  • + Engage in online warfare with up to 16 players in any of the multi-player modes
  • + Pave your way to victory with the burning remains of your enemies through 25 different campaign missions
  • + Complete Challenges and unlock First-Person camera mode
  • + Create new missions or modify existing ones using the unique real-time collaborative mission editor and share them with the world

Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution was developed by Kot-in-Action™ Creative Artel™.


Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution

  1. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    Well done Steel Storm developers! I should really get around to trying out Episode One at some point so I can get a feel for how these things play.

  2. Pit says:

    Uh, ja. Tried to buy it. But the E-shoppe is totally empty. Wanted to place a comment – only creates an error about the captcha. Grr. I *really* want to buy (and play!) this!

  3. Thank you guys!
    The game was released around 11 am on May 11th. So, I hope you came back later that day 😉