A new milestone of the Humble FrozenByte Bundle is reached and with it, more gifts !

To this date ~860,000 USD have been collected.
We got less then 2 days to reach 1Million USD and see what the next Frozenbyte milestone would be.
I don’t want this third Bundle to be the less successful (although this time it does involves games from only one company).

Thank Anton for letting us know of those wonderful news.

Milestone Bonuses Unlocked
Frozenbyte Might Release Shadowgrounds Series Source Code
Humble FrozenByte Bundle
Shadowgrounds Series Source Codes
SG: Survivor

  1. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    Just got my Bundle purchase done yesterday. It would have been better if the source code was under an established license such as the GNU GPL, but it is better than nothing. Even under a non-commercial license the source code is still appreciated.

  2. MillerMan says:

    Yeah but the level editor will not work with linux and they will not make a port for one.

  3. Maxim Bardin says:

    Yeah, it’s a shame but I’ve heard that it’s still possible to run it with Wine if you install WMP9.
    I know it’s not a 100% solution but one thing is ti ask for a client port of GNU/Linux and another is to ask for the tools to be ported.