Seasons After Fall aka Seasons is a cute 2D platform/puzzle game made with the 3D program Blender.
The game is developed by 2 French people named William and Guillaume who formed an indie company named Swingswing Submarine and made a Cat their boss ;).

Making a 2D game in a 3D program like Blender actually makes a lot of sense.
Blender is not just a modeling program, it offers a game engine, physics engine and a lot of other useful tools for game creation.
Swingswing Submarine keeps a very good, detailed and up-to-date blog which explains to process of “Seasons After Fall” development.
I loved how they show the process of editing a scene in their game using Blender, or the topology of the levels in 3D vs 2D.
There was even one interesting post in which they explain one level they made and the mistakes they’ve done (and fixed).

Seasons after Fall is a puzzle / platform 2D game in which the player, as a wild fox, travels across the countryside, through forests and rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons.
The player can switch between seasons at any place, any time, and see how it dynamically affects the environment : freeze rivers in winter, grow trees in summer and disperse spores using the wind in autumn.
He can also interacts with other animals : they will help him explore more places and find secret ones thanks to their unique abilities.

Screen shots