Hello All !

Last time I wrote that LGN is moved from the Linux-Hardcore server to the original wordpress.com server.
This is not the best solution as wordpress.com offers much less features then if I would install the FOSS wordpress on a hosted server – but it’s free hosting and fine for now.
If someone has a better offer for me, I would be happy to hear it.

Yesterday I’ve acquired 2 domain names :

(the .com domain is taken by some casino promoter with almost no content, I’ve tried to contact the owner – but got no reply yet).

The LinuxGamingNews.org is the official domain, at the moment those domains point to linuxgamingnews.wordpress.com but I might move to another server, so please use the new official address (that won’t change as long as I’m paying for them) and not the wordpress.com one.

Also I would like to remind you to stay up to date and subscribe to the new RSS feeds or the Email subscription (on the left side of the page).

wordpress.com offers 99 themes that change every now and then, I hope I chose the “right” one although I wish to show a summery only posts on the front page like I had with the old theme – but I didn’t find an appropriate theme for this from those that wordpress.com offers.
I can’t upload a theme either, so for now I hope it’s ok.

Now I have a very long job correcting all the links on LGN (which will be broken by the end of this month) – so if some links won’t work for you, be patient.

Please let me know your thoughts at the comments below.


  1. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    Nice work Maxim! This gives LGN the professional feel it needs to be respected. Good Job!

  2. Xilanaz says:

    wel done on the domain name, and tbh I find this lay-out right now not to bad, tis easy on the eyes