LGN : Past, Present, Future And Stats.

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Hello !

Linux Gaming News has turned 1 year yesterday (under the linux-hardcore domain) but now it is coming to an end, at least under the linux-hardcore domain.
Some of you might noticed yesterday that the usual LGN blog on linux-hardcore has been redirected to linuxgamenews.wordpress.org website.
My dear friend Rich who pays for the linux-hardcore domain (and the hosting of LGN under his domain) has decided to shut down linux-hardcore.
His domain served LGN pretty well supplying the blog with more speed and wordpress options – for this I am grateful.

I am not blaming Rich and can understand him very well – but now we must face the present and prepare for the future.
LGN under linux-hardcore will close by the end of the month and we got 2 options :
1. Go back to the original wordpress blog : http://linuxgamingnews.wordpress.com (I’ve already imported all the articles,setup a new theme, but the links are currently messed up).
2. Buy a new domain like : linuxgamingnews.net or .org or .info …. and host the wordpress blog there.
I still don’t know what am I gonna do, but maybe you could drop me suggestions in the comments.

If you won’t hear any more info by the end of the month the LGN official link would be the original http://linuxgamingnews.wordpress.com

Meanwhile I would like to show you some of LGN stats on linux-hardcore as the new or original blog will have to start from scratch.

First of all here are the 13 months visitors graph, the most popular month had 16,860 visitors due to some websites (which I thank later in this post) linking to LGN articles :

Here you can see those stats in more detail :

Overall LGN had 108,883 views !

The most popular pages like last time where, the Main LGN page, “Upcoming GNU/Linux Games” and “Recently Released”.
The most popular posts where “Heroes Of Newerth Gone Retail !”, “Interview With Frictional Games – Amnesia” and surprisingly “Maxi Mini Golf – Released !”.

Top Posts for all days ending 2010-08-16 (Summarized)

Title Views
Home page 37,705 More stats
Upcoming GNU/Linux Games ! 6,351 More stats
Recently Released 3,438 More stats
Heroes Of Newerth Gone Retail ! 3,023 More stats
Interview With Frictional Games – Amnesia 2,704 More stats
Maxi Mini Golf – Released ! 2,394 More stats
Osmos For GNU/Linux Has Been Released ! 1,629 More stats
Brink – Unique Immersive FPS 1,606 More stats
Primal Carnage – Humans VS Dinosaurs 1,404 More stats
Interview With Thomas From Basilisk Games 1,117 More stats
Open Letter To LGP 1,083 More stats
The Case Of Nexuiz 1,077 More stats
Natural Selection 2 – Sci-Fi Online RTS/FPS 985 More stats
GNU/Linux Versions Of Grubby Games Products Are Being Phased Out ? 940 More stats
Venetica – Action RPG Game 861 More stats
The Chzo Mythos Is Coming To GNU/Linux ! 848 More stats
Fragoria – English Version Goes Beta ! 688 More stats
Galcon Fusion – Review 685 More stats
Avaneya – More Than Just A Game 684 More stats
Afterfall Universe – Rascal (draft title) 680 More stats
Penumbra: Overture, HPL1 Engine And OALWrapper Released As Open Source 672 More stats
Joe-Danger – Stunts Racing Game 649 More stats
The Humble Indie Bundle ! 630 More stats
Iron Sky: Operation Highjump – Action Adventure 626 More stats
Micro-Warrior : Heal with a Kill 608 More stats
Hacker Evolution: Untold Now Available For GNU/Linux ! 603 More stats
Hacker Evolution: Untold For GNU/Linux Goes Beta ! 591 More stats
Poisonville – GTA Style Action MMORPG. 585 More stats
Eschalon: Book II – Old School cRPG 583 More stats
Date Warp – Anime Visual Novel Released ! 557 More stats
Card Sweethearts – Visual Poker Novel 533 More stats
Classic Roguelike : Dungeons of Dredmor Is Coming To GNU/Linux Soon 530 More stats
More Details On Primal Carnage 524 More stats
Natural Selection 2 and GNU/Linux 510 More stats
Trauma – Flash Based Point-and-Click Adventure 506 More stats
The MMORPG Ryzom Goes Free Software ! 492 More stats
Dark Salvation – Horror FPS ! 488 More stats
Eschalon: Book II Released For GNU/Linux ! 475 More stats
Garshasp – Action Adventure Game 473 More stats
Interview With Koen From Koonsolo 453 More stats
GNU/Linux users show their love for indie game – By Koonsolo 447 More stats
Vote For Torchlight GNU/Linux Port ! 440 More stats
Mystery of Solarus DX – Zelda Remake ! 440 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Teaser, Web Site & Pre-order 429 More stats
I Live, Again… 428 More stats
HoN Free 2 Play Weekend, A patch, Jobs And More News ! 408 More stats
Syndicate-Online Sci-Fi MMORPG 387 More stats
How To Find GNU/Linux Games 384 More stats
Warp Speed – 2D Multiplayer Shooter 381 More stats
Aquaria Goes Free Source ! 379 More stats
Gish Goes Free Source ! 378 More stats
Planet Stronghold Alpha Available ! 376 More stats
Cortex Command – Brain Control 371 More stats
Forums 361 More stats
The Legend of Crystal Valley – Adventure Game 356 More stats
Welcome to 2010 ! 350 More stats
Frogatto 1.0 Released ! 341 More stats
Fight For Your Right ! 341 More stats
Achron Alpha Build Now For GNU/Linux 64-Bit ! 339 More stats
Aquaria – An Underwater Fantasy Adventure Game 339 More stats
DeathSpank Comical cRPG Adventure 338 More stats
Next Frictional Games Title Name Revealed ! 335 More stats
Cute Knight Kingdom For GNU/Linux Released ! 332 More stats
Sake Visual – Indie Visual Novel Studio 331 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Release Date Revealed ! 330 More stats
The State Of Mac And GNU/Linux Gaming – By Wolfire Games 328 More stats
Eschalon: Book II Release Date Announced ! 312 More stats
Irukandji – Score Attack Shooter Released ! 292 More stats
Interview With John From Wolfire Games 290 More stats
Conquest – Simultaneous Turn Based Strategy 287 More stats
And Yet It Moves For GNU/Linux Released ! 282 More stats
GNU/Linux Game Porters Needed ! 280 More stats
Angels Fall First : The Second Antarean War – Spaceships Online 276 More stats
GNU/Linux Users Contribute Twice As Much As Windows Users ! 271 More stats
Interview With Kip Warner About Avaneya 270 More stats
HurricaneX2 Evolution – Fighting Adventure Game 254 More stats
Caster – Pay What You Want ! 251 More stats
Hanako Games GNU/Linux Ports Are Coming ! 248 More stats
Awesome Soccer World 2010 Released ! 238 More stats
Fishing Cactus Are porting Their Mojito Engine To GNU/Linux ! 233 More stats
Mystic Mine – Review 233 More stats
Osmos GNU/Linux Beta Testers Needed ! 233 More stats
Call Of The Kings – Online Strategy RPG 231 More stats
GNU/Linux Game Porters Needed for Osmos ! 231 More stats
Bullet Candy Perfect – Space Shoot-Em-Up game 224 More stats
Interview With Amir From Fanafzar – Garshasp Developers 224 More stats
Xenocell – Unconventional Sci-Fi MMORPG 218 More stats
Planet M.U.L.E – Online Economic Strategy Released ! 215 More stats
Overgrowth & Natural Selection 2 Preorder Pack ! 210 More stats
Venetica’s GNU/Linux and MacOS Ports 210 More stats
Lugaru Goes Free Source – Other Games Will Follow ! 208 More stats
jBliss – Intelligent Romantic Game For Lovers 206 More stats
GNU/Linux Users Pay and Buy More ! 200 More stats
Rotc Ethernet – MOFPS 195 More stats
Aquaria Open Beta ! 192 More stats
Why You Should Use OpenGL And Not DirectX 191 More stats
Sleep Is Death – Pay What You Want ! 190 More stats
Vera Blanc: Full Moon Released ! 190 More stats
id Software and Linux – By TTimo 184 More stats
The Chzo Mythos For GNU/Linux Released ! 184 More stats
Interviews 179 More stats
QuantZ For GNU/Linux Released ! 178 More stats
LGN Contest ! 176 More stats
About 174 More stats
Warp Speed – Alpha Version Released ! 170 More stats
Osmos Sales In Detail 164 More stats
Interview With Thearrel McKinney From Mangled Eye Studios – The Dark Salvation Developer 161 More stats
Gamebox – Cloud Storage Service For Games 160 More stats
Castle Vox – Turn-Based Strategy Game Coming Soon ! 150 More stats
Love – Unusual MOG 147 More stats
Heroes of Newerth Beta Is Now open for the the Holidays ! 147 More stats
Achron – meta-time strategy game 146 More stats
Dirk Dashing 2 Under Rapid Development ! 144 More stats
Interview With Konrad From Bitgap – The Xenocell Developers 134 More stats
The Broken Hourglass 129 More stats
Regnum Online – Characters Are Now Transferable Between Servers ! 129 More stats
AfterWorld 129 More stats
LGN WordPress Theme Contest ! 125 More stats
Scoregasm – Combo Space Shooter 125 More stats
Eschalon Book II Beta Testers Wanted ! 125 More stats
Koonsolo RPG Editor – Website Is Up ! 122 More stats
An Update On The Chzo Mythos 116 More stats
I’m Back ! 109 More stats
Teagon – Chain Tetris 108 More stats
Organic Indie Preorder Pack (Overgrowth and NS2) Postmortem 107 More stats
HoN Free2Play Week For Everyone ! 106 More stats
Adonthell 0.4 – Not Just A Game 105 More stats
And The Winner Is… 105 More stats
Contact 102 More stats

The most popular links from LGN didn’t change much from last time and are to freegamer.blogspot.com, gamingonlinux.info and irontowerstudio.com .

Now is the time and place to say THANKS to the websites that linked to http://lgn.linux-hardcore.com and let them know that this link due to be changed by the end of the month (if you won’t find the new link, you could try Ubuntuforums in which I post the new LGN links).

Ubuntuforums.org is still in the lead, linux.org.ru is our “new kid in town” which generously linked to LGN articles.

LinuxToday.com also linked to some LGN articles.

THANK YOU for spreading the new, the Linux Gaming News that is…

Referrers for all days ending 2010-08-16 (Summarized)

Referrer Views
ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=124… 2,307
linux.org.ru/ 1,472
ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=359… 861
ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121… 639
linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/2010042… 507
google.com/reader/view/ 458
frictionalgames.com/site/ 382
linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/2010051… 377
basiliskgames.com/ 363
wupra.com/ 322
linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2… 319
tuxmachines.org/node/44743 304
gamingonlinux.info/ 301
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_adult_v… 278
frictionalgames.com/site/node/95 275
linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/2010030… 263
linux.org.ru/news/games/4971108 249
ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147… 249
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amnesia:_The_Da… 245
tuxmachines.org/node/43454 240
tuxmachines.org/node/42111 233
basiliskgames.com/forums/viewtopic.ph… 204
nofrag.com/ 199
phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?t=… 182
linux-hardcore.com/ 179
tuxmachines.org/node/44831 175
linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2… 174
linuxtoday.com/developer/201005110323… 173
tuxmachines.org/node/43686 171
tuxmachines.org/node/45468 163
koonsolo.com/news/?p=33 161
tuxmachines.org/node/42033 161
daniweb.com/news/story264836.html 156
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primal_Carnage 151
linux.org.ru/news/games/4971108?utm_s… 149
tuxmachines.org/node/42253 145
ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140… 138
tuxmachines.org/node/42371 132
phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?t=… 132
blog.wolfire.com/2008/12/why-you-shou… 130

Most people who can to LGN via search engines, searched for, you guessed it “linux gaming news” .

Search Terms for all days ending 2010-08-16 (Summarized)

All Time

Search Views
linux gaming news 944
torchlight linux 384
heroes of newerth 360
primal carnage 194
linux games 181
brink linux 179
lgn linux 177
linux gaming 167
linux gamign news 101
gish 99
date warp 95
lgn hardcore 90
deathspank linux 74
linux news 73
venetica linux 66
maxi mini golf 63
linux game news 63
afterfall universe 57
linux gmaing news 47
sci fi room 46
torchlight on linux 44
avaneya 44
galcon fusion review 43
hon free weekend 42
upcoming linux games 41
trauma flash game 41
upcoming linux game postal 3 40
afterfall linux 40
natural selection 2 linux 40
aquaria 39
linux games 2010 36
joe danger 36
linux games hardcore 34
aquaria linux 33
iron sky: operation highjump 32
osmos linux 32
linux gaming 2010 31
hpl1 engine 30
linux hardcore gaming 29
primal carnage linux 29
gnu games 29
eschalon book 2 29
irukandji game 28
hacker evolution linux 27
trauma flash 27
date warp game 26
dark salvation linux 26
ogre games linux 26
venetica guilds 26
torchlight for linux 26

I wonder if the next LGN blog could suppress those stats, if you won’t hear any more info by the end of the month the news will be posted at the original blog : http://linuxgamingnews.wordpress.com
Meanwhile you can write what you think about the issue and what do you think will be the right path for LGN to take

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    A “real” domain name sounds like a good move. It’s usually easier to memorize, and looks a bit more professional 🙂