And The Winner Is…

Posted: 1st July 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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About a month ago LGN had it’s second Contest – best wordpress theme for the website.
After too much time without a single submission I thought that maybe, just maybe it was the modest prize that didn’t give enough motivation for the people to work on the theme, so Wupra offered an additional prize for the winner – but sadly that didn’t help either…

Creating a good theme isn’t that simple, although you can learn in a week how to edit an existing wordpress themes and you don’t have to be an artist (you can use already made free art), but the readers of LGN are GNU/Linux gamers – not the audience for the theme work, I guess.

I realize that LGN contests where very hard for the average reader, that is why I now ask YOU to give LGN ideas for contests and interesting stuff.
Also if you think you know what went wrong with the other contests (only 1 submission), please tell.

You can post your ideas and suggestions in the comments below or just send me an email at mb2love [at] gmail (dot) com .

I had other ideas for “community work”, but I really doubt that it will “work” now…
So to sum it up there is no winner, not this time.

  1. cdfd says:

    I guess spending one week working on a theme for 10$ or so isn’t very appealing. Plus there are probably way more programmers than graphists in the Linux crowd…

    If you can’t offer significant rewards (hardware?), it’s probably best to ask people to do very easy tasks (“Enter your email to enter the contest”) or fun ones (“I have hidden stars on random pages of LGN, find as many as you can”, “Design a map for this game”…)

    As far as I’m concerned I probably wouldn’t participate though because I don’t care about any possible reward… Unless maybe it’s a really fun contest.

  2. Max says:

    Aye, I’d probably rather have programmed something than done some arts stuff. It always takes me ages to create some piece of art that I’m really satisfied with and I particularly hate creating themes for websites.
    If I create a site myself I always keep it veeeery simple and avoid stuff like fancy art or stuff like crappy javascript. I just like simplistic stuff.
    And then I also already have Sleep is Death.

    I basically have a similar view like cdfd. I’m not to keen on a rewards and would rather see other people getting them. People who can’t afford that stuff as easily and who’d be really happy if they got it.

  3. Hamish Wilson says:

    I was thinking of trying to make something, even though I have no experience, just because I feared this would happen. The fact that I am stuck on an awful dial-up connection for the moment killed that idea of course… And also I thought it was someone elses turn to do something with these contests. Ah well, better luck next time Maxim, if there is a next time…

  4. Matthew says:

    I didn’t enter because I have no experience web design.

    I think something like, describe your favorite linux game in 100-200 words or something like that would be better.

  5. Patrick says:

    The reason I didn’t participate is really simple: I really suck at graphics / image editing. I’m able to start The GIMP, open an existing picture or screenshot and then draw an arrow with the pencil tool and use the text tool to place some text at the end of the arrow.

    To be more precise: The only thing I can do in The GIMP is creating images with text like “You need to click on this button!” and an arrow pointing to the button to click.