Koonsolo RPG Editor – Website Is Up !

Posted: 7th June 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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A few months ago I’ve posted that Koonsolo the developers of Mystic Mine are working on a new 2d game engine.
Now a website about their upcoming “Koonsolo RPG Editor” is up and running.
Their game engine will enable non programmers/artists to create their own 2D Flash based games with ease !

More info and demonstrations will be updated on their official website

Create your own online RPG, it’s easy!

No programming or art skills required:
1. Design your game with our editor
2. Press play
3. Play the generated Flash game in your browser

Koonsolo RPG Editor. Easy, fast and powerful.

It’s easy!
Open the Koonsolo Game Editor and start creating your game right away. No need to know how to program or how to create graphics, sounds or music. We provide everything. All you have to do is design your game, press play, and see your game in action.

It’s fast!
There is no faster way to create an online RPG than with the Koonsolo RPG Editor. All technical and artistic details are already handled by us. You can get a working game in less than 5 minutes!

It’s powerful!
For artists or programmers, we offer total control over graphics, sound effects, music and game code. All source code of the game engine is available to you, so you can adapt or extend any functionality you want. The graphics, sounds and music can be customized as you wish.

It’s fun!
Creating games is fun, and it’s even more fun when you don’t need to handle the boring but necessary tasks. We make sure you can enjoy the fun parts of creating your own games, and we will handle the tedious tasks that come along with it.

Why use Koonsolo RPG Editor ?

  • Design the game and don’t worry about the technical details
  • Save time
  • Use professional graphics, sound and music
  • Use a professional game engine
  • Total control over the game engine because it’s open source
  • Possible to use your own graphics, sound or music


  • Easy to use map editor
  • Adapt the game screen size
  • Import RPG Maker resources (Tilesets, sprites, …)
  • Creates Flash SWF files that you can upload to any flash portal such as Kongregate or Newgrounds
  • Professional graphics, sounds, music and game engine included
  • Full access to the source code of the game engine
  • Create online RPG games that feature:
  • XP/Leveling Up
  • Fighting
  • Storyline
  • Magic/Skills Usage
  • Equipment Management
  • Buying/Selling Items
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