Why You Should Use OpenGL And Not DirectX

A few days ago there was a very interesting article on Wolfire Games Blog, the indie company behind lugaru and Overgrowth who recently collaborated with Unknown Worlds on releasing Natural Selection 2 with Overgrowth + access for all Alphas and Betas for only 40USD.

From the article :
“More than half of our Lugaru users use Mac or Linux (as shown in this blog post), and we wouldn’t be surprised if the same will be true of our new game Overgrowth. When we talk to major game developers, we hear that supporting Mac and Linux is a waste of time. However, I’ve never seen any evidence for this claim. Blizzard always releases Mac versions of their games simultaneously, and they’re one of the most successful game companies in the world! If they’re doing something in a different way from everyone else, then their way is probably right.
As John Carmack said when asked if Rage was a DirectX game, “It’s still OpenGL, although we obviously use a D3D-ish API [on the Xbox 360], and CG on the PS3. It’s interesting how little of the technology cares what API you’re using and what generation of the technology you’re on. You’ve got a small handful of files that care about what API they’re on, and millions of lines of code that are agnostic to the platform that they’re on.” If you can hit every platform using OpenGL, why shoot yourself in the foot by relying on DirectX?
Even if all you care about is Windows, let me remind you again that half of Windows users still use Windows XP, and will be unable to play your game if you use the latest versions of DirectX. The only way to deliver the latest graphics to Windows XP gamers (the single biggest desktop gaming platform) is through OpenGL.”

“OpenGL is a non-profit open standard created to allow users on any platform to experience the highest quality graphics that their hardware can provide. Its use is being crushed by a monopolistic attack from a monolithic corporate giant trying to dominate an industry that is too young to protect itself. As Direct3D becomes the only gaming graphics API supported on Windows, Microsoft is gaining a stranglehold on PC gaming.”

We need competition and freedom to drive down prices and drive up quality. A Microsoft monopoly on gaming would be very bad for both gamers and game developers.”
More here.

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10 January

Welcome To My New Blog !

Hello friends.
In the past few days my older blog was visited 374 times, it went from zero to 133 and 187 on the next day – rapid growth !
I hope that you still keep visiting the new blog at least as much as you visited my old one.

It was 1 A.M when I posted the message on my old blog about moving to this one, so I was brief and left some thing undone (like the theme that wasn’t complete), in this post I will try to explain in more detail why I did this move and why it’s good for you.

After my old blog was up for 2 days and got some interest from the Linux Gaming Community my old friend Rich from Linux-Hardcore contacted me and offered to move my blog to his domain.
At first I hesitated but now I see a BIG difference and all for the better.
Now I can easily search and install hundreds of themes and plugins with a few clicks, the server is much faster (at least for me) and there is an expansion possibilities.
I can add a Wiki and we already have a forums , more things are possible as well.

I hope you understand why I made this move, and if you have something to say – please comment.

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18 August