Groupees “Build A Greenlight Bundle” offers 9 games  to choose from (and Desura keys) + many music/sountrack/game bonuses.
Most of the games offered are for Windows, BUT at least two of the games will be available for GNU/Linux at some point in the (hopefully) near future.
So you can get only those two games+free bonuses for $1.5 (or more if you want) !

Make haste because this bundle ends in less than 3 days !


Update : Private Infiltrator GNU/Linux Port Confirmed !


Salvation Prophecy    ( GNU/Linux Port Confirmation )

Salvation Prophecy is a space epic. Four warring factions battle over control of the known galaxy. Space stations and planet colonies endure constant assault. You begin your journey as a soldier recruit. Through intense planet and space battle, your combat skills will be put to a grim test. Success is rewarded with powerful skills, combat gear, and ship upgrades, and you may rise in rank to become commander of your faction. Lurking in the dark recesses of the universe is a threat foreseen by an apocalyptic prophecy. A danger far greater than mankind’s endless battles.

Gameplay Trailer


I Shall Remain ( GNU/Linux Port Confirmation )

I Shall Remain (ISR) makes you responsible for the life of one US Marine who has awoken in a Zombie infested world. Its up to you to lead him on a path that will allow him to survive, fight back and become a leader of men. ISR has superb artwork, music and storytelling that is reflective of the high quality standard that its creators live for. Its creators have challenged themselves to leave a lasting impression on the independent gaming industry with a serious, entertaining and cost-effective game dedicated to a group of young people who created a culture.

Gameplay Trailer



Private Infiltrator ( GNU/Linux Port Confirmation )

Private Infiltrator is an Arcade-like Stealth game that bears the noir art style. With the aid of numerous gadgets and abilities, the player needs to Infiltrate and disrupt the evil ASB organisation Headquarters. The player will be able to bypass numerous security measures such as keypads that are connected to doors, computers, safes and many more.

The Private Infiltrator (Indie) – Alpha Review and First Impressions

So what are you waiting for ?! get those games+bonuses  now for $1.5 (or more if you want)  before the time on this bundle runs out !

Please note that we will have to wait some time before the GNU/Linux ports of those games will be available.