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Days of Dawn is an old school RPG that tries to catch the feeling of the classic games of the 16-bit era with a beautiful much improved HD graphics.

Explore a world whose magic just came alive in a beautiful roleplaying game featuring round-based combat and a unique magic system.

Wondrous events are taking place – forces yet unseen haunt the people of Kalea – toddlers hovering in the air, a wife ignites her house in anger. Sent out to explore the origin of these forces, our young heroes unravel a sinister plan and learn about the secrets of a past thought to be long forgotten.

Remember that special flair and feeling, roleplaying games once had, with you immersing deep into a world of wonders and fantasy?

Interact with interesting characters and find companions to assist you on your journey
Interact with interesting characters and find companions to assist you on your journey

„Days of Dawn“ is an old-school roleplaying game coming in HD-glory, pledging to take you back into this world – imagine classic titles of the 16-bit era in beautifully handpainted hi-res graphics and an orchestra-quality soundtrack.

A mysterious cave
A mysterious cave

The village theme, an example of the games wonderful score from the outstanding game-music composer Michael Stoeckemann (Sound of Games).

Your up to four companions encounter the most vivid and original creatures in a blazingly fast sequential round-based combat system while researching the mystery of marvelous powers recently felt and seen in the lands of Kalea. Learn to use these forces by channeling your feelings – use emotions instead of spells to evoke powerful magic with a surprise. Chose your path and your companions to enter a vast network of nonlinear storylines in a world whose magic just came alive.

Battle original creatures in many unique battle scenes
Battle original creatures in many unique battle scenes
  • Explore an open world full of mysteries and adventure in multiple nonlinear storylines
  • Experience a unique magic system with an emotional approach in a world whose magical forces just awakened
  • During your journeys, have three companions out of a range of seven complex player characters join your party
  • Engange battle in an incredibly fast and intuitive round base combat system
  • Join in-group interaction and social involvement among your party members
  • Encounter original characters and creatures in beautifully handpainted scenery and a fantastic muscial score
  • Basic version to be developed in English and German, additional languages possible
  • Will be available for PC, Mac and Linux
Original creatures roam the lands of Kalea
Original creatures roam the lands of Kalea

In a world, whose magic just came alive, magic is experienced as an alien force of unknown nature, evoked by emotional outbursts. Without scientific research of these mysterious forces, there’s no spells to chose from or tomes to study.

Those gifted with these powers can unleash them in times of danger or need, yet unable to control the exact nature of the effects they evoke; instead, the characters nature and it’s current situation influence the effect called. Only as they advance on their quest, they start to learn to handle these forces and gain the ability to choose an emotion to channel into magic and, later on, a specific effect to cause.

With two additional traits – emotional control and emotional strength – and seven feelings of differing intensity, not only do your characters personalities influence the outcome of magic usage, but also the experiences and encounters they make during their journey.

In April 2012, Tassilo gathered a team of highly talented, gaming-addicted professionals from the games industry summing up to a total of 45 years of business experience and having joined forces to create nothing less but the game of their dreams. Among the titles we’ve been working on you’ll find names like AION, Jagged Alliance Online, Rainbow Moon and Settlers 7, War of the Worlds and Lords and Knights.

Click here for a detailed team description.

Works from Tyler Edlin, Nadia Enis and Anako
Works from Tyler Edlin, Nadia Enis and Anako

Meeting Dawn, another example of Sound of Games’ wonderful soundtrack.

We had the chance to showcase the games prototype to the press and the feedback was outstanding. See for yourself:

– “An ambitious and exciting project. You can feel the developers passion for Days of Dawn. RPG-fans should keep an eye on it!” (

– “We’re eagerly awaiting the game and hope, it will live up to our expectations. With these indegredients and this team, we can probably be quite confident about that.” (

– “We could get some small insight into a coming indie RPG and have been thrilled by the presentation […] Roleplaying-fans should keep an eye on this title!” (

– “If Bumblebee is going to keep their word, we can expect an exciting RPG next year.” (

– “Fans of old RPGs should keep an eye on that title […] it’s like a declaration of love to RPGs of that time […] This could be something really, really beautiful coming up.” (

We’re a bunch of professionals from the video-games industry who teamed up to create nothing less but the game of their dreams. While we found many interested publishers during this years gamescom, we soon realized that this way of creating Days of Dawn would come with a lot of tradeoffs – loss of the brand, monetarisation and other cutbacks of the original concept we feel to be important to the vision of our game. To sum it up: We want to go the indie way.

With a project of this size and complexity (we expect about 11 months of dedicated fulltime work), kickstarter and so eventually the player itself is our chance to create our vision as it was supposed to be. By supporting us in our kickstarter-campaign, you are actively supporting the idea of Days of Dawn and us, the team who’s about to make it come true. By supporting us on kickstarter, you’re kind of getting part of the creation process, of the whole team.
You are making a dream come true.

For this, I want to say thank you. It’s great to have you guys around here. Let’s make Days of Dawn become reality. Now!

To make this game come true, we did our best to keep the budget as small as possible. All of us work on this game out of love for the genre and the project. To make it happen, we’ve set a very low base goal, but would love to enhance the game as much as possible, with your help. If we exceed the basic goal, we’ll be able to put even more time and love into the game and will add additional stretchgoals as we progress in the funding.

95,000$: Our basic funding goal will take us to the completion of the game. With this goal reached, we’ll be able to complete the game on a great level of 25 unique and original creatures, 15 types of mixable, handdrawn areas, 25 original and illustrated characters and stunning 30 minutes of orchestra-quality music.

120,000$: This first stretchgoal will allow us to double the number of nonplayer-characters to interact with, all painted in beautiful detail by the talented Anako and allowing us to increase the overall gameplay and depth.