Star Citizen is HUGE space game in developed with one of the best and detailed graphics we have ever seen to date.
It’s being developed by  Chris Roberts who brought us the legendary space games Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelance.

João Santos contacted Chris Roberts asking him about the possibility of a GNU/Linux version and he said that while a GNU/Linux version it’s high on their “wish list,” it will depend on community interest.
Then João Santos  asked him if a petition would help and he said it could help because : “it’d be good to know how many people really want a Linux version. I’m getting a LOT of requests for a Macintosh version, but not so much mention of Linux…”

So here is our chance to ask for a GNU/Linux version of this excellent to be, space game.

If you are interested, please sign the petition.


The developers are also raising funds to continue the development of the game (like a Kickstarter, but in their own website), the campaign ends in 30 days – but till the GNU/Linux client is not confirmed, I won’t propose to donate to this project.
This why we have this petition first.


Here is the introduction video of the game :

  1. Spoon says:

    Uhm… Cryengine 3? Not sure if serious…

  2. Maxim Bardin says:

    CryEngine 3 might come to Linux as Pharonix wrote :

  3. oldrocker99 says:

    I signed…

  4. DMJC says:

    The devs are seriously looking at Linux support but it will take numbers to make it happen. If they were to smash the $6 Million figure and get a few thousand linux people on board they would make a linux port happen.

  5. Maxim Bardin says:

    Frankly I doubt they will get to $6 Million …. even Project Eternity “”only”” got $3.6-3.7 Million, and they on kickstarter + made a whole bunch of quality RPG games + have a huge community of followers.

  6. Darwin says:

    If you really want them to support Linux, contact them through their kickstarter by using the “Ask a Question” feature and ask if they will please consider porting it to Linux!

  7. Rafael says:

    CryEngine 3; I highly doubt about a Linux version of it, the tools/devs practically dont even boder making the engine compatible if multiple modeling tools that are not Autodesk.