Get AirBuccaneers HD For $4 !

Posted: 23rd September 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Other GNU/Linux gaming websites have noticed that AirBuccaneers HD which uses Unity, will have a GNU/Linux client.

Luckily AirBuccaneers HDis included at the GamersGate Indiefort Bundle which I’ve posted about earlier.


AirBuccaneers HD Alpha – Loot & Booty Pack includes:

  • AirBuccaneers HD Game Account with:
    o    All the features
    o    Access to Beta & all later development builds
    o    Access to the finished game
  • Bunch of Attachments for your character:
    o    Wise Owl that will sit on your character’s shoulder
    o    Raven that will sit on your character’s shoulder
    o    A shield that will hang on your character’s back



There are many other GNU/Linux gamers at this bundle which currently available for GNU/Linux download  : Telepath RPG: Servants of God (Adobe Air), 3079 (Java),  Survivors of Ragnarök (Java), Will Fight for Food (native) and Devil WhiskeyBlue Libra – other GNU/Linux gamers might also come later.


So it’s a great opportunity to get those wonderful games at such a low price.