Majesty Gold Now Available On Gameolith

Posted: 13th September 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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LGP reports that Majesty Gold is now available on Gameolith.

Majesty is a unique sim putting you in the crushed velvet hotseat of your own kingdom. With an epic quest before you, you make the decisions of where to build your settlement`s guilds and temples. Each one has a mind of its own and must be enticed to meet your goals, via rewards you offer and spells you cast.

Meanwhile you must make sure that your treasury stays flush with cash to support these and other outlays necessary to maintain a thriving medieval town. The fact that you are being barraged by attacks from mythical beasts and fantastic creatures doesn`t make your job any easier.




  1. Pabo says:

    I’m glad to see LGP releasing games on online stores like Gameolith and Desura. Sacred and Majesty are a nice addition, and the price tag is more approachable when there’s a digital download available. Carry on, LGP, I hope it pays off.