Luiz Felipe Pereira contacted me about his game in development named Questverse ,and he is currently trying to raise funds on Indiegogo.

This game was being worked on for one year now and the (solo) developer uses free/open source tools to create the game.

If the Indiegogo campaign will succeed the game will be released for all under the GPL and Creative Commons.


Questverse is a comedy, anime sci-fi RPG which is easy to learn and is inspired by the freedom and immersion of the original pen-and-paper RPG games. It is being developed in blender game engine by a sole person, and its planned supported platforms in priority order are GNU/Linux, Mac and windows.


Questverse puts you in the role of an agent of the galactic quest agency, your task? Make a living! For that you will need to accept the most strange quests, so you can receive a well deserved reward for your generosity; but maybe things will go far beyond what you expected… Questverse includes:

– Create your character(currently just nightkin and female, solarians are planned), choosing your race(from two), looks, powers, skills and personal details.
– Easy to learn, no loads of rpg stats, the game will be more about roleplaying your character.
– Lenght limited only by the number of quest packages you have.
– No two games will be the same, randomness and non linearity.
– Learn true facts about the cosmos while playing
– Combats will require more thinking than just attacking your opponent until him or you is defeated; gameplay also will require some thought.
– Original history, characters and concept
– And more…


General Information:
Genre: Action/Comedy/RPG/Simulation
Tools: Gimp, Inkscape, blender3D, LMMS, Audacity
Status: Under development
Code: Python, GLSL
Game Engine: Blender GE
Idiom: English and portuguese(BR)
License: Code – GNU GPL(If funding acquired) / Arts – Creative Commons NC ND
Target OS’s(in priority order): Linux > Windows > Mac OS X > Android
Team: Myself
Type: Free base game IF funding is raised throught

So if you want to help make this game a reality AND make it free for all, then donate and make it happen !