Chris Gianelloni, the guy who made the point and click adventure flash series Reincarnation (which is available to play for free from the browser), wants to finally create a full scale Reincarnation game which is called “Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil” .
Reincarnation is about a Vile demon who is sent to earth to find bad guys who are given another chance to redeem themselves, he needs to find them and see if they are back to their old ways (which they are), and send them back to hell by killing them in many interesting ways.
It’s quite challenging puzzle game, and the voice of the Vile demon is excellent (with it’s many “evil” lines.

It’s already halfway there (8k out of 15k), and we can make it happen !
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Here is a walktrough (Spoilers Alert) of one of the past games in the series so you can see what it’s all about.
Reincarnation: Let the Evil Times Roll walktrough

There is also an IAmA with Chris

From Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil kickstarter page :
That being said, I’ve been tossing this idea back and forth in my head for quite some time now, and finally got to work on it in May of 2011.  The idea is to have a download-able game in the series of Reincarnation on the scale of such classics as the Monkey Island series, Sam and Max Series and just about any Lucas Arts adventure game.

I’ve done a kickstarter project in the past to get dolls made of Vile the demon character from the game, and it was very successful. Therefore, I felt I’d give it another try with this project.

So, the idea behind this project is that I’ll be having a downloadable game in the Reincarnation series which I’ll be able to sell on the internet.  The game will be a much longer and a more entertaining version of what I’ve been making for free.  I’m planning on having over 50+ scenes to explore, a wide selection of characters to interact with in hell and on earth, different Reincarnies to find, and a wide array of silly puzzles to figure out in-order to finish your quest.

  • Each character will be fully voiced.
  • Each level will be beautifully rendered.
  • Characters will have plenty of animations for all their actions.
  • 2D + 3D cut scenes.

Things to expect from the game you help produce:

  • Highly animated intros, cut-scenes, and other graphics.
  • Well thought out puzzles ranging from easy to difficult.
  • Four (4) chapters to explore.
  • Tons of jokes.
  • Unlockable achievements.
  • Hours of game-play with save/load features.
  • Flawless coding.
  • Excellent voice acting.
  • Versions for the PC/Mac/Linux


And finally :

Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil on Kickstarter
Reincarnation Series Website
Play Reincarnation For Free
IAmA with Chris

  1. Maju says:

    Trailer looks racist to me: all those sent to hell are black people…

  2. Maxim Bardin says:

    Maybe in this episode, but I can assure you that there is no discrimination overall….everyone sent to hell 😉