Lodestar: Stygian Skies is a Kickstarter try for a “GNU/Linux 1st” / Open/Free source later project that currently far from it’s funding goals.
While the concept sounds great,  sadly as many other projects the developer went for the “retro” graphic style (AKA “I am not an artist and can’t hire a good one”).
So it’s hard to get lots of attention at kickstarter without showing that your project already looks good.

The idea for the game’s world is great, the world is huge and ever changing.
GNU/Linux 1st might sound good to some GNU/Linux users, but it’s a huge turnoff to the Windows users, it’s like saying to them that they are second class and not so important. – and as they are the majority and their funding is critical to the success of the campaign, it’s not a smart thing to say, in my opinion.

But as a GNU/Linux supported I’ve pledged my money and think that this project deserves to be funded, moreover – if we pass $35,000 then the source code and the art will be released under GPLv3 and CC BY-NC-SA licenses.