Multiplayer In Helena The 3rd

Posted: 17th May 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Brandon Smith who developed Ensign-1 and Helena the 3rd, now wants to include a multiplayer to his latest game.
For this he started a Kickstarter project in which you can not only help Brandon fund multiplayer, but also buy his games at a much cheaper price !

The goal is only $1,500 so it’s very achievable, and off course all his games are working on GNU/Linux.

About this project
I recently created an action platformer called Helena The 3rd. In it players pilot a jumping tank through a series of underground caverns, in search of ability upgrades which can only be found by exploring tighter areas on foot. The game is very much a love letter to my favorite NES game of all time, Blaster Master.

Anyway, the game was released on Desura for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and one thing that I really wanted to get into the game was multiplayer. I think that the game is a perfect candidate for co-op as well as battle royale style deathmatch.

To add this to the game, I just need to see that there are enough people out there who would be interested in this, and willing to show their support with a pre-order, or by spreading the word.

The co-op portion of the game would be pretty straightforward, very similar to other co-op platformers out there. I’d like the deathmatch to be of a battle royale type, similar to Twisted Metal and other car combat games. Players will be able to choose from a vehicle list at the start of the match, just as if they were choosing their character in a fighting game.

Of course, multiplayer would work across platforms, no matter which OS each player was using.

Try out the demo and learn more.