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Besides Kickstarter there is also another platform for raising funds for the development of indie project…it’s Indiegogo !

A Russian team called FakeDrake (which I’m hope isn’t fake 😉 ) wants to develop a Zombie survival RPG game called ZombieForward built using a costume game engine which supports GNU/Linux.
The game is a sandbox-style survival RPG set in post apocalyptic zombie infested world !
The graphics will be classic Isometric Fallout style (Fallout 1-2, not 3 🙂 ) in high-definition.

I’ve asked them a few questions about their game :

What kind of graphics/music can we expect from the game ?
Do you have some screenshots or demos to show ? (concept art could look so far from the actual game).

What engine are you using (I know it’s written that you will support Linux, but…. will you 😉 ) ?

Can you add a digital perk which includes the game and a digital art-book ? (and another perk which also includes a digital music).

Apart from survival, what aspects of RPG can we find in the game, compares to Fallout1/2 for example, like : missions, NPC’s, Party, leveling, influence on the game world by your deeds and the way you solve the quests etc… ?


Georgiy Romanov :
Hello, Maxim. Thanks for you questions, here is you answers.
I will not give you a definite answer about NPCs, I will say one thing – they are in the game. Some of them will give the quests (this quests are optional, but without passing them you could lose a lot of fun and some interesting game moments).

RPG elements: As you can see from the description we will give players the opportunity to build their own characters. For this purpose, we’re introducing 8 groups of skills into the game. 2 of which will be main, other – secondary. This will directly affect the play style, because the main skills will allow access to the special objects and skills, not available to the other characters.

Work on the skill will be made up from the improving it and holding on the current skill level. It is pretty hard so you could not creat a real the master of all trades. That’s why we encourage players to invite their friends.
Unfortunately now we have not any screenshots due to the fact that our artist joined us recently.
About music: there will be 2 main areas of musical design: the brutal and not very brutal metal (rock) and the melodic, depressive, ambient.

About our engine: luckily, we’re writing our own one. Thats why we can take care of making it cross-platform enough.
About perks: we’re happy to say that the perks more than $20 will provide access to download digital copies of the soundtrack and art-book. We will add this feature in the nearest update.


Hello, Survivor!

What is ZombieForward? It’s a sandbox-style PC game, where player can choose what to do, where to go, etc. The game takes place in the near future, about 2050 year, in the apocalyptic world, due to epidemic, full of zombies who want to kick your ass.

There are enough problems in addition to zombies. You need to look for food, drinking water, or you will die soon, watching status warnings. To kill hordes of enemies you will need some weapon, some of which you can do by your own hands, also you will need healthy sleep and some medicine to cure illnesses.

If you want to survive you will need to use your brain and fight for your life! Other things  you could find in various places, sometimes not even suitable for them!

Will you survive?

What can I do in your game?

  • You can choose one of 24 combined classes of survivors.
  • You can use a lots of amazing found/constructed weapons to fight for your life.
  • You can build your own Stronghold to survive in such a cruel world.
  • You can find/construct vehicle/motorbike/boat/etc. to explore huge, random-generate world.
  • You can do all of it with you best friends, in a close groups. You can travel together or separate into small groups to look after stronghold and explore world at the same time!

What I have to do in your game?

  • You must look for food, drink, medicines, ammo, clothes, etc to survive.
  • You must find safe place to survive, or make some of pther places safe!
  • You have to kill crowds of terrible monsters, fight with the modern deseases.

Can I manage my own character?

Yes! We have 4 iconic characters, but if you want to make your own character to play you can do it, using 8 perks, 4 body types, huge amount of beards, haircuts, etc.

This way, you can play as Soldier, Scoundrel, Medic, Engeneer, or make you own!

What kind of graphics do you use?

This game will be mostly like a Fallout, Bastion or Alien Shooter. Isometrical with the sprite objects. But all this will be available in a High Defenition.

When your game will be released?

When it will be done =) But not later then 1st of March 2013. We hope Zombie_Forward will be available to play in 5-6 months.


Concept Art

ZombieForward On Indiegogo

  1. Hi there! I’m proud people like our project. Even if it is not ready yet. I’d like to answer any questions you have!