Update :

Shadowrun Returns Will Have A GNU/Linux Version If 1Million is Pledged !


Harebrained Schemes LLC the developers of the promising kickstarter project Shadowrun Returns which once promised a GNU/Linux version is backed down from it’s promise.

As part of our review, we came to the conclusion that feature additions such as aLinux version, Multiplayer PvP, and Cooperative Play are beyond the scope of the project and would cause us to lose focus on the game you reacted to so positively (and the game we really want to make).

When Shadowrun Returns comes out (and is the success we all want it to be), we promise to look at these features as the core of a future release.”

It’s pity that after they achieved their goal and even raised more money than they asked for, they backed down from their promise on the GNU/Linux port.
It’s really a shame that some developers say that making a GNU/Linux port with somehow “cause them to lose focus on the game”, it’s a known fact that when you develop your game cross platform from the start, your game will be rock solid and much more stable.
That alone should make them want to create a GNU/Linux client.
They also will have a MacOS and Android ports, so porting to GNU/Linux should be easier – they just don’t have the will and knowledge to do it.
They can’t complain that they have no funds for it.

With that saying, there is still a chance for a GNU/Linux client AFTER the game will be released for all other platforms.

  1. zikzak says:

    We saw that too many times already.
    They only raise funds by ‘promising’ a GNU/linux version.

    For instance we had Runic with Torchlight, they promised a version at the begining. Then Drakensang Online followed the same way.

    Even worse for Runic when you see that more than 90% of their game is using opensource librairies U_U

  2. jjj says:

    This is simply wrong. Why even mention it (I’m assuming they didn’t _promise_ it)? Well, the cynical response would be “attracting more support”. And it probably isn’t wrong, either. Very disheartening.

  3. Maxim Bardin says:

    Actually they did say that they would make a GNU/Linux client, and many GNU/Linux gamers pledged because of this reason (as did I).
    And now that they backed down from their words, it’s seems like a big disappointment.

  4. Joe says:

    I’ve been trying to warn people not to pre-order video games for years now. The developers ALWAYS LIE TO US! ALWAYS!

    But somehow you guys keep ponying money every time some game dev pulls out his pockets. It’s pathetic and stupid and unless you stop doing it the gaming industry will never take us seriously.