The developers of the Hacker-Evolution series (and other games) Exosyphen Studios is proud to announce the release of their latest and biggest game Hacking Evolution Duality !

Also the developer of the game, Robert Muresan kindly offered LGN 5 licenses to our readers, so I’ll need to think of a contest and hope that this time it will not fail 😉

You can buy the game for $24.95 from here (or through other distribution methods)

Press Release
exosyphen studios Releases Hacker Evolution Duality
Rewrite the world in this intense hacking simulation game
CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania—August 15, 2011—
exosyphen studios is proud to announce the release of Hacker Evolution Duality, the latest in the acclaimed hacking simulation series.
Completely redesigned, Hacker Evolution Duality features an improved interface, as well as updated sounds and animations.
You are Brian Spencer, a programmer with unmatched technical prowess.
Your expertise has yielded an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence, capable of performing the tasks of an entire army of human hackers.
But when an evil corporation threatens to take complete control of the Internet with this
technology, you will have to go against the powers of your very own creation.
Hacker Evolution Duality presents a variety of puzzles and challenges in an intense, ever-changing experience. Start with basic firewall cracks and move up to complex security systems, making upgrades to your hardware along the way. Framing and even murdering people with ingenious traps, nothing can stand in your way in the quest to right the wrongs.
Enjoy the intense single player mode or test your skills in the brand-new open world mode, where you can take on fellow hackers in a unique and never-ending game.

Hacker Evolution Duality is now available for purchase on Steam and various
other digital distribution platforms for $24.95.
More information about Hacker Evolution Duality can be found at :
Or visit the Hacker Evolution Duality Facebook page at

About exosyphen studios
exosyphen studios is a game development company based in Romania.
Founded in 2002 by Robert Muresan, exosyphen studios was the first game development studio in Romania to publish a commercial PC game.
Today, the company continues to create smart, innovative titles for all of the latest platforms.
A strong emphasis of the company is customer service, a focus that each user is 100% satisfied with both the products and services created by exospyhen studios.
For more information, please visit us at


Hacker Evolution Duality – Level 0 Tutorial – Walkthrough

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