Pyrodactyl who released The A.Typical RPG are working on a new game called C.R.A.B which will also use emotions like with their last game and develop them deeper into “Mood”, “Content” and “Tone” which will offer much more combinations then in the usual cRPG.
The graphics isn’t looking that good and the developers are aware of that, that is why they are looking for artists to make the game look great.

It’s been months of silence at Pyrodactyl, while we have toiled away, working on something big. That something is codenamed C.R.A.B., and it features RPG elements, a branching story and 2D brawler gameplay.
Check out this work in progress video :

As Ian mentions in the video, we are looking for 2D environment and character artists. If you think you can help, please email me at arvind [at] pyrodactyl [dot] com !

Now that the recruitment info is done, here’s what I can share so far about our plans for C.R.A.B. :

1. It will be bigger, better and more polished than The A.Typical RPG
2. All the lovely people who bought the Extra Cheese With Lightning Bolts Edition of ATRPG will get the game for free.
3. The characters shown in the video probably won’t be in the final game.

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for letting us know of those good news.

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