LGN, Uniqueness And News On Other Websites.

Posted: 13th December 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

As you may know, (if you are a regular reader) LGN tries to provide unique news about GNU/Linux gaming that weren’t published on other English “speaking” websites first.
So LGN often passes on news that were published before as they are no longer “unique”. (even if sometimes the news reached LGN first but were yet to be published)

Why am I doing this ?
First LGN’s motto was to provide “unique” news that were never before seen.
Second is that I assume that LGN’s readers also read websites like GamingOnLinux and Linux Games so I don’t want to look like I’m “stealing” from them (although I’m aware it’s a very common thing in the news business).

A friend of mine emailed me some great news that were already published on a few websites.
I told him that I cannot publish them on LGN because people already read it and I don’t want to repost the same “old” news all over again.
He said that LGN have different readers than on other websites and that I should spread the news anyways.
That friend got a point, if even 10% of LGN’s readers don’t read other websites – they might be missing some cool info.
But than I can’t say that LGN is unique at that respect.

What do YOU think ?
Are you missing news because I want LGN to be unique ?
Do you think I should post (or repost) news that were already published on other websites ?

Please comment below (and in the poll) as it would effect LGN’s future.

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  1. Mjar says:

    Maybe it will be a good idea to repost some ‘non-unique’ news, so that nobody would miss them, but when reposting to add info that it is ‘old’ news and it is already accessible on some site with the link to that site. What do you think about it ?

  2. Maxim Bardin says:

    It’s actually crossed my mind and I’m already doing it with the non-English websites, but if I’ll do that too often than how would LGN be different from those other websites ?

  3. Havner says:

    Just create second category for “stolen” news, separate them. Keep LGN unique, as it looks now, but add some secondary feed for the rest (maybe now even for full news but some short mentions).

  4. Havner says:


    I know this is a Polish site, so you might not understand a lot, but basically they seem to do what I described. The main section are their news. On right you have a column titled “w skr√≥cie…” which means “in short…” and you have a mentions of some news they found interesting + link to other website.

  5. Well, in the case where you get news submitted to you from those concerned, I definitely think you should just post it. As for reposting news which you just found out on say LinuxGames, maybe not.

  6. Alex Combas says:

    How about a section called “Heard on the web” for content that is likely already published on other sites.

    You do not need to provide a link to the other sites or anything like that, that would be wasted effort, it is not your job to promote other Linux gaming news sites.

  7. Padster says:

    i like the idea about having another category for reposts.
    btw, i would read gaming on linux, but i can’t find an rss feed for it :/

  8. Maxim Bardin says:

    I don’t like the idea of creating a separate section for that as most people only watch the “home page” and only sometimes look at the other sections of the website.