For those of you outside the United States (like myself), Black Friday is the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday that marks the first official shopping day of Christmas. It is the day when retailers offer all kinds of incredible sales opportunities that they hope will put them in the black for the year (enabling them to finish the year with a profit).
So several game developers offer wonderful discounts on their titles.

The family friendly game developers and resellers My Game Company offers 70% discount of their Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent title, that’s just $5.99USD.
This offer is for one day only which will be this Friday, November 26 2010 , so if you ever though that the price is too high for this game – now is your chance.
Just buy the game on that day and use the coupon word “BLACKFRIDAY” to get the discount.

Also, Thomas at Basilisk Games is offering a special deal.
This Friday, when you buy a copy of Eschalon: Book II, you’ll receive a free copy of Eschalon: Book I !
You must purchase your copy of Eschalon: Book II from either Basilisk Games or My Game Company (not through Steam, Impulse, etc) this Friday.
Then on Saturday, Thomas will go through his sales and send out a download link for Book I to everyone who purchased Book II the previous day.

But that’s not all, the developers of addictive retro games, Puppy Games is offering 3 games deal : You get Ultratron, Titan Attacks and Droid Assault for $6.97USD only – at this price, you cannot afford not to buy them.

All of those games have a native GNU/Linux clients off-course.
If you know of other GNU/Linux native “Black Friday” offers, please feel free to comment below.

  1. Padster says:

    um… thanksgiving? that was a month ago…