With the FIFA World Cup 2010 now being held in South Africa, there is no better time to release a soccer game, and better yet for GNU/Linux !

Awesome Soccer World 2010 is the second game from Red 27 Studios (the first being Awesome Soccer, which also available for GNU/Linux).
The game is based on Java and currently only supports Sun/Oracle JDK, but OpenJDK support is coming soon.

If you are using OpenJDK and can’t wait to try ASW2010, you can set your Java environment to use Sun/Oracle JDK as explained here.

Screenshots :

Awesome Soccer World 2010 Features :

You’ve just scored…
…a spectacular overhead kick in the dying seconds of the World 2010 Final and are celebrating in style with your trademark somersault for the TV cameras…
…the final whistle blows, the crowd goes wild…you slowly climb the stairs up to the podium…you pause briefly to savour the moment….then hoist the trophy high into the air to the delight of the watching millions and the supreme pride of your entire country.
Awesome Soccer World 2010. It’s time to make your country proud.

Awesome Aftertouch!
In ASW2010, you can apply absolutely amazing aftertouch to the ball, and it’s so easy to achieve…in the moments after a shot, you can adjust the swerve on the ball in multiple directions!
Whether you want to make that adjustment because you applied too much – or not enough – swerve, or simply to make the ball swerve back the opposite direction to confuse the goalkeeper – like a Roberto Carlos free kick – YOU CAN!

Golden Balls
In ASW2010, your achievements and successes are rewarded with special Golden Balls. A unique Golden Ball is awarded for winning your first game, scoring your first hatrick, all the way up to winning an International Cup with the Tournament Leading Goal Scorer – whatever the achievement there’s a Golden Ball to win!
In fact, there are almost 300 Golden Balls over 5 Skill Levels for you to collect – can you collect them all?

Tournaments, Leagues & Cups
ASW2010 comes complete with over 16 Preset Tournaments from around the World…including International and European Cup Competitions, National Leagues from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland and the USA, plus many more!
Alternatively, you can Create Your Own Tournaments featuring up to 128 teams – Cups, Leagues & Multi Stage Tournaments that use International or Club sides from around the World – the choice is yours!

Total Customization
ASW2010 comes complete with a fully featured Team Editor, Kit Designer, Badge Designer and even a Formation Editor which enables you to edit every aspect of the Teams & Players, including Kits, Club Badges, Player Names and Skill Levels.
ASW2010 already includes over 280 Teams, but you’re also able to easily create or edit any team from around the world…so why not add yourself as the new star signing for a team in Madrid…?

It’s the Beautiful Game…
ASW2010 features an ultra-intelligent control system – one button does everything!!
Yes! One Button….why use more, when it’s obvious that when the ball is in the air you want to overhead kick it, and when the ball is rolling along the goal line you want to slide in to score…
But don’t mistake ease of use for lack of control….short passing, long passing, crosses – they are all catered for, and much, much more!

Video :

Thanks Mateo for letting LGN know about this awesome game.

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  1. Andre says:

    Nice game, but no chance italy defeat brazil 🙂