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Envizions Announces
Virtually Store Game Saves With Envizons New Gamebox Cloud Storage Service
Backup and save your console game saves with ease for $0.99 per month

Media Advisory
ANNISTON, Ala./EWORLDWIRE/Apr 21, 2010 — Gamers who risk it all in their game will soon be protected from game loss courtesy a new game cloud storage service from Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation ( – GameBox. Beginning May 12, 2010, game enthusiasts will be able to backup game console saves, game profile saves, game data and full DRM free PC games in the cloud.

Along with protection against game data loss, GameBox provides a powerful utility to preserve play data when experiencing hard drive crashes, accidental deletion, theft, fire or flood, and to also help to off-load high volume game files from any user’s PC – Windows, Linux or Mac – to secure cloud storage servers.

By downloading the company’s GameBox client to their PC, the GameBox service will allow users to backup:

– Saved game progress
– DRM free PC games
– Flash games
– Open source games
– Game profile data

The GameBox client will automatically backup, organize, manage and store game data by genre. The GameBox system is so detailed it will provide users with release dates of a particular game. GameBox will allow gamers to off-load several gigabytes of data from their local PC to the Envizions’ servers. Gamers must remove saved data from their console to a removable media device to their PC and the GameBox client will automatically start the backup process.

The initial service will be released as a beta with several functional features, and the system will support all major game consoles.

The GameBox service is a complete rebrand of Envizions’ EVO console platform. Envizions’ will still support customers that have purchased EVO consoles, and the GameBox client will work on several EVO models based on version of software on the EVO console.

Customers will be able to purchase the latest games from the GameBox Web site, and mobile features are under development.

Envizions’ storage service will come with a 14-day trial. Monthly subscription packages that start at $0.99 for 1GB for saved games data, 20GB for $4.95, 50 GB for $9.95, 100GB for $19.95, or 300TB for $199 per month. Additional customer remote access support will also be available.

GameBox was created to provide peace of mind for gamers and developers for backup storage similar to other document, video and music storage companies. We provide a more streamline version for game storage,” stated CEO and Founder Derrick Samuels.

GameBox will also provide storage service, game tools, and support for game developers and publishers. Publishers and developers can use GameBox for storage, special promotions, new game releases, and game enhancements. Envizions is working close with developers and publishers and will be making announcements on future partnerships.

Envizions has partnered with Internet Video Archive (IVA) ( to present new game trailers, movie trailers, music videos, and TV clips. IVA is the world’s largest distributor of online previews. Additional features include providing users with free games and playing games in their GameBox accounts.

A free beta private invite to try the service before the site goes live is available to the first 2500 users to sign-up at (

The service is currently unavailable to support documents, music, or video backup but will be in the near future.

About GameBox
GameBox is an online storage platform that allow users to store games, game saves, and game profile data in the cloud. Additional features include free games, purchase games, and watching the latest new game, music, TV clips and movie trailers.

Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation
Internet Video Archive

  1. TheAncientGoat says:

    Was the EVO actually shipped? That’s a surprise. Such a pleasant idea, marred by such a horrible implementation.

    At least their website looks a lot better now, although the trailer is still of EVO quality.

    As to the product… Who wants cloud storage for their games? The other features such as the game store, profiles etc. can be of use to people, but selling it as a more expensive Drop-Box just doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Mike says:

    To The Ancient Goat

    EVO did release and worked fine. You people kill me. You slam the big three consoles and when a new idea is presented you slam that too! If you read the release the service is $0.99 and I’m sure as more news is released we can learn more about GameBox!