Youyungames are working on a new 3D fighting adventure game named HurricaneX2 for the 12th Independent Game Festival.
Attempts to port the game engine to GNU/Linux are being made and there are a very good chances for their success.

HurricaneX2 is a 3D Kung Fu fighting game developed by a Chinese Kung Fu practitioner. It is a game for players to express themselves in the form of martial art by the smooth control of various Kung Fu moves acquired in the game. It is a game deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and philosophy. It is a game that emphasizes timing and anticipation over brute strength and provides a variety of fighting gameplay with a unified mechanic.

HurricaneX2 is a thrilling 3D action game developed using XNA2.0 and Idealist3D 2.0 with striking graphics in the form of a fantastic oriental legend. By playing the role of Hua, with the final purpose to find out his true identity and fulfill his destiny, the player will start the adventure around various places of interest in China and fight with all sorts of enemies, e.g. monks, assassins, demons, etc, some of whom are the Kung Fu Masters from different martial art genres.

Though the player is supposed to learn the utmost awesome martial arts from different genres in the game play, the game control is deliberately designed to be simple and creative. Further, the game provides a special action system which could adjust the difficulty level automatically, and it will satisfy the need of each unique player.

With the advanced graphic techniques, the art work simply looks gorgeous, and the players would appreciate the beautiful sceneries of China as well as experiencing the sentimental Chinese culture, while at the same time hooked by the exciting fighting challenges from all kinds of enemies to improve their Kung Fu techniques, and finally understand the true meaning of fighting.


12th Independent Game Festival HurricaneX2 Evolution Page

  1. Apopas says:

    I Love it! I suppose except the engine they’ll port the game as well 😛